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  1. This song is ORSOME!! Sounds like something you'd breakdance to in the beginning or something but this is amongst my favorites if not my favorite Mario remix.
  2. This song sounds incredibly professional, like a jazz song you'd hear on the radio or XM. I really like it, and it's an interesting touch to the original gemini man theme.
  3. This is probably my favorite Flying Battery Zone remix I've ever heard(I've heard about 7 I think). I'd give it 3 thumbs up(if I had a third).
  4. This song is one of the few that I'vecome across that has lyrics to it. I haven't played this particular game in about 3 years (I remember it being really easy to beat with knuckles though), but I remember the music well, and this is thouroughly recognizable. Well done!!
  5. This song is a really good remix. To me, it's kinda relaxing, I'm not sure why, it just is.
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