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  1. Excellent work on this mix. Usually im a little wary of techno as, for me, i find it a rather trite form. This mix, however, was very dynamic. The guitar at 0:31 is integrated flawlessly and adds a rockin element into the piece. The drums are simple, but aggressive sounding along with the rest of the arrangement. 2:10 to 3:33 is a great build up/transition period to my personal favorite part of the mix. My biggest complaint is that the ending cut off abruptly, which i didnt like but the rest of the song makes up for it. 8.5/10 as i like the orchestral version better.
  2. While i find Final Fantasy 10 to be one of the worst in the series, this mix if BY FAR the best Final Fantasy mix i have heard to date. After initially listening to the song i was awestruck. It is calming, but powerfully moving all at the same time. I also loved how the song evolved from the first draft to final draft thanks to Sephfire's posting of the original versions. Sephfire did a wonderful job with the base arangement, though initially somewhat bland/repetitive, it was beautifully done. GrayLighting's contribution helped round out the overall mix while giving it an extra push toword the ethereal and making the mix technically sound, but, the vocals are what brought it all together. Pixitricks' voice is that of an angel and it adds so much depth to an already deep and moving piece. The lyrics are beautiful, if somewhat repetitive, and relate so well with the game. When i listen to this song i can picture the scene with Tidus and Yuna swimming in Macalania Woods, and the lyrics are yuna's thoughts throughout the scene. It's the only mix i have listened to that mentally transports me back to the game. That being said, the only qualms i have about the drums at 1:24 the seem to divert attention away from the rest of the song. Whether it was intentional or not i think it would have been better for the drums to be less noticable. All-in-all very VERY well done. 9.5/10 stars.
  3. I found this remix to be rather awesome, but i did notice one thing in particular. The music is clearly from the first Zelda game, while the lyrics point to the second game in the series. Especially since the first verse verse explains a comatose type state: "Her skin, white as the cleanest snow Eyes closed in tranquillity Her heart is calm, her breathing slow On the altar, sleeps for eternity The Valiant will be their sacrifice To breathe life into the cursed remains" And during the Chorus: "Your Highness will you ever wake? Or will you sleep till the end of time?" I have listened to their other songs on this site and found this one to be the most lyrically sound. Especially since you can write more solid lyrics about an epic story than say... a boxing game and not sound somewhat clichéd. The arrangement was also beautifully done, it complimented the lyrics well AND set a comlimenting mood for the rest of the song. Wonderful work all around in my opinion.
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