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  1. Being that this is a music site, I'm suprised nobody mentioned how the koopas and goombas dance to the music. It adds a whole level of interaction - if you know that break (wah wah) is coming and you're timing a platform jump with enemies, you know they'll stop moving for a second to dance. Agree with Bleck on the propeller suit - as much fun as it was, the cape in SMW could be used to skip entire levels basically. Having a suit with that much range wouldn't work in the multiplayer as well (even the penguin suit can make the screen go by so fast that the other players get killed off screen quick). So yea I really like what they did here. I have to say I like two players better than four - it's a really different dynamic. Four is good for parties and just playing around, but with two you can really coordinate and help each other push through the levels together.
  2. Anyone ever play dinocity for snes? I always liked its music.
  3. did anyone else get ghwt with a wonky yellow cymbal? mine was working only if you hit it really hard, so i looked and people on forums were talking about adding cardboard inside (what i did, works fine now) or super glue to the sensor. also, has it been confirmed yet if ghwt instruments for wii work with rock band? i was thinking of getting just the disc.
  4. i worked over the summer as a tester at my friend's company, it's small (around 30 employees) and makes downloadable games. i had a lot of fun. the office environment was very relaxed, everyone was very nice and helpful. as for the job itself, i also enjoyed it. you have to be very detail oriented and methodical, and not mind playing the same levels over and over again trying to reproduce a bug. but overall it was a lot of fun. so i'd say try it out, and if you enjoy it, keep doing it. what have you got to lose?
  5. the cars song reminds me more of the ending to metroid actually - especially the high pitched doo dee doo doo that starts around 1:15 and repeats till 1:30ish, sounds just like in the metroid ending at 1:25 in this video:
  6. you guys ever hear of a platformer for snes called DinoCity? There's also a movie based on it, or the game was based on the movie, or something. And the game has great music. If I had the skills like you guys, I'd make a mix of this one. So yea, I pick it up every once in a while and play a few levels. I also play different parts of kirby super star when I'm in the mood. And Kirby's dream land. StarFox64. That's a quick play through too, but never gets old for me. I always take the same damn path too haha. I guess I keep going back to this one for the nostalgia and great music too. Actually, I could say that about all three of these...
  7. i like the beat, but i think you have a lot of room to get more creative with the main melody on the piano. to me it sounded pretty much the same as the original, just slowed down.
  8. I didn't find the source hard to hear. I'm not an expert with the music terminology but I like how you used the timing difference but kept the same melody (mostly) and still added your own flavor. As far as how good all the production whatever fancy stuff goes, you'll have to ask someone else, but it sounds good to me. the only thing I'd say was the ending sounded a little abrupt, but I think it still works fine.
  9. i'm paranoid of being eliminated because of last time. so just to let you know i'm in contact with Derrit and we planned to go tonight. he's on aim now but idle. perhaps he will return momentarily.
  10. i thought this was interesting, i was trying out dedede just for fun. I was on FD with items off. I started throwing a whole bunch of waddle dees, but on the last throw an item came out and a smash ball appeared. Are there any other examples of characters being able to create items?
  11. Heng De wins against Azul v2 3-0. BTW, how do you save replays?
  12. argh the lag one second game, two seconds lag you got me good the first round, but i think i started getting used to your techniques by the end...like dodging that missile you start with etc...just couldn't get through the lag lol GGs
  13. ok i just went on and i see Jam, hes offline now but we're both registered. So we should be able to get our matches done tonight.
  14. sure, jam, i don't mind calling. I probably will be home tonight around the same time (11) so if that works for you, maybe we can figure this stuff out then.
  15. I thought someone here might be interested in this - My friend who's a musician but not game-related just e-mailed me about this concert Saturday. I think I might go check it out. It's a group called Pulsewave, that's affiliated with the site 8bitpeoples.com. I just listened to some of their stuff, sounds pretty good. They play music on modded NESes. So if anyone in the New York area is interested, here's the info: PulseWave @ The Tank When: Sat, Mar 29, 9pm – Sun, Mar 30, 12am Where: The Tank, 279 Church Street, New York NY 10013 US Description: 8GB, minusbaby, Mark DeNardo and Baron Knoxburry over the speakers with Voltage Controlled and vade rockin' the visuals. more at http://www.pulsewavenyc.com/ and www.8bitpeople.com if anyone wants, i'll forward them the email with the full info and links to the sites of the artists who will be there. Edit: sorry if i posted this in the wrong place (not off-topic), still a forum newb
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