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  1. I'm going to get involved with this. You Became The Bad Guy! is the track I'm going to work on ASAP. I'll keep everyone posted.
  2. I didn't even realize this was here. Belated thank you. I feel like a real idiot now for my recent actions on Twitter.
  3. I just thought I'd say I apologize for overreacting the way I did. It was very immmature and childish, and I was just upset over the fact that my mix didn't make the cut. I should have took into consideration that most works that are submitted to the panel get rejected. It was foolish behavior on my part and unacceptable. Maybe I should look at this as a learning experience, in multiple ways. Not just for music, but my reactions. I've been at VGM for a very long time. I started back in 2001 on VGMix. As a mere rookie, I was always hoping that one day, that I could have one of my works make it on OCReMix. I've enjoyed a lot of the music submitted here. I love music, especially video game music. I want to be on OCReMix so badly because I feel that this is the place where I could push myself to my limits. Each time I submit something on this site, I usually give it my all. Souled Out, probably out of every single track I've done, I put so much into. I'll admit, I can get lazy at times with music, but this piece was not one I sat back and half-assed. That is why I was upset, and I blew it way out of proportion. Yes, the judges did give me positive feedback. I should have taken that feedback and reflected on what I can improve on. Instead, I jumped to conclusions and it blew up in my face in a big way. I'm not asking for forgiveness, I just want you all to understand. I've been trying to reach this point for twelve years and I got frustrated. Again, I'm sorry for everything. I shouldn't have lashed out at OCReMix or it's community. We're all human, we all make mistakes. I'll be the better person here and say that I made a huge one. I shouldn't have attacked OCReMix on Twitter.
  4. I took everything that you said Rozovian, and I worked on it a lot more afterwards. I also took the criticism of other posts on this thread. Let's see what people think about it now. https://soundcloud.com/red_rum/souled-out-finished
  5. https://soundcloud.com/red_rum/souled-out-extended I extended this remix and added quite a bit to it. I might change the link before OCReMix gets a hold of it for the panel review. Enjoy, and feedback would be nice.
  6. Thanks. In fact, I'm posting an update on this track soon.
  7. I just tried that. I see no prefix dropdown to change the option when I go to edit the main thread post. Meh. Oh well. Thanks for trying to help out though. EDIT : Nevermind, I figured it out. Thanks once more. ---------- More reviews and listens would be nice. BUMP
  8. Streets of Rage pride, man! You aren't the first to complain about the ending of this track. Again though, it is a finished product. I wanted to be a bit different and make Last Soul more of a full track instead of a loop as well. The conga roll at 1:55 was the hardest part to mimic. Honestly, it took me a few days just to get it right. It has a bit of a weird... swing, I should say? Plus, the samples I used to create that section were hard to equalize correctly with the bass I synthesized. So, this comment, I'm definitely not taking to the heart. I did the best I could with it. Thank you for listening and glad you thought it was great overall. Beat 'em ups FTW, but Streets of Rage will always be king in my eyes.
  9. :: BUMP :: I want more people to listen to this and comment on it.
  10. ambient! I remember you. I remember many years ago, I was working on a cross-game remix between Shenmue and Streets of Rage and you somewhat walked me through on it. You broke down the track, guided me on what to improve on, etc. etc. How's it hanging? Tell me about it. I've been trying for years to get just one song on here, my dude. Haha. This isn't get accepted? Say what? I actually had to go back and listen to this twice. Very good arrangement, very good beat. With HQ speakers, you can hear how booming those bass drums/kicks are. I actually thought about extending the remix and going back to a loop at 1:25, but I didn't want it to get repetitive. Plus, I was kind of running out of ideas on what to do with it if I looped it back. I didn't know if I wanted to make an arranged version of the chorus or something along the lines. So, I felt to be different and let it go into an outro instead. I kind of figured that in a way, but it can't hurt to submit and see what happens. You never know. Which could be my overall problem. I like to keep true to the original source, but that's not what OCReMix is looking for, it seems. Again like I said, it can't hurt to submit what I got here. ^ I'll keep that in mind if I ever want to make another OCR attempt. ^ Hence why I posted it on here after submission to OCReMix. I won't, and thank you for breaking down another one of my mixes. Much appreciated, my good friend.
  11. I'm always open for criticism, my dude. That's the best way to actually go back and look on improving on things you can do better. And you aren't being a jerk. All input is relevant and everyone's opinion is different. Yes, I know the judges can be picky, but I suppose that is a good thing. That's why they judge works, right? They have to have the ear to breakdown a track from top to bottom. Well, I wouldn't say OCR is my only driving factor. However, it is a main priority. I have been working with VGM since 2000. I was even there when the old VGMix used to be up and running. OCR is, has, and always will be a goal that I wish to obtain. With that said, thanks for the input and the listen. Glad you enjoyed.
  12. Thank you. I know I'm good at what I do, but I feel like I need a driving movitation factor to continue on. Making the cut I feel would do that for me. Again, I'm glad you enjoyed the mix. Thanks for listening.
  13. If it makes the cut, I actually might be driven to create more mixes for OCReMix. Who knows though? OCR is the one thing that I've always wanted in all of my years working with VGM. Only time will tell. Also, I'm glad you enjoyed this. I did work very hard on this and with no internet, I had the time to take my time to work on it.
  14. Link to the (first revision of the) ReMix: https://sites.google.com/site/redrumb1/SouledOut.mp3 Link to the (second revision of the) ReMix: https://sites.google.com/site/redrumb1/Souled_Out_.mp3 UPDATED VERSION POSTED ON DECEMBER 30TH, 2012: https://sites.google.com/site/redrumb1/Souled_Out.mp3 The source of the track remixed: Before anything is said, let me just say this. If this arrangement does not make it, I honestly don't know what will. It doesn't matter anyways, this is my one last final attempt. Even if it gets a *RESUB*, I won't be trying anymore. I will move on completely from all of this. Keep in mind, it has been a few years since I've touched anything VGM, much less the Streets of Rage soundtrack, which is what I'm best known for in the VGM area. I have had no internet for a while now, which is a burden. So, I put all of my time and effort into this. Yes, this. An arrangement of The Last Soul, probably the track I've mixed most during all of my years working with the Streets of Rage OST. I have boosted up my production for just this one time. No rush job here, just hard work and dedication. I have never had a single mix on OCReMix, and I've been trying to reach that pinnacle for well over ten years. To me, once I do that, I have accomplished all I wanted to accomplish in VGM. Anyways, this is Souled Out. The title I thought was fitting for many reasons. For one, the name of the source track. Secondly, I've been working with wrestling music for a good while. "Souled Out" is a wrestling pay-per-view. Thirdly, this track is just that. It's (Last) Souled Out. Much was added in this. You'll notice off the bat that this mix isn't like any of my other mixes. Traditionally, my mixes are often chip-like and a bit like covers. Only in certain instances was I innovative, like blending in "Sadeness" by Enigma within my S.O.R. Super Mix remix "Soul of Rage." Anyways, listen for yourself. Even if it doesn't make the cut, I know you guys will enjoy this very much. Production, I know for a fact is 100% perfect. I've listened to it many times between lo-fi earphones to HQ speakers. This is my legacy: Souled Out. Enjoy.
  15. I'm not too picky when it comes to music. And I LOVE the Streets of Rage soundtrack, I have like this strange obsession with it. I enjoyed listening to this cover, great job. Production is definitely there and it does "Fighting in the Street" (Round 1) from Streets of Rage 1 justice.
  16. Original Source: It has been a while since I tried submitting anything to OCReMix. So I decided to make an arrangement/remix of Fangmei's Goodbye from Shenmue II. It's a work in progress at this time and I would really like some feedback to try and make this a better track than it already is. The title of this is "Fangmei's Celebration." Fangmei's Celebration: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MEDPYX0E Enjoy everyone. Hope to read some feedback soon enough.
  17. Yeah, I think I should work on all those areas and actually redo the whole thing. You know, I want to make it my own, but SoR is a bitch to remix because the originals sound good as they are. I'll try to work on more on it soon. Thanks for the feedback. Try Edirol's Orchestral VST. It works crazy good in some cases. I also like to grab sample CDs like Samplefusion and also use VSTs like Native Instrument's Massive. Try those, they work great. Anyways, I have an arrangement set up and already sent to OCRemix, check it out, it's called "Synthesis." It's like an arranged Soul of Rage. http://www51.sitesled.com/Red_Rum_-_Synthesis.mp3
  18. Source tune: Streets of Rage 1 - Keep The Groovin' http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYXHm6eKQVc Destiny Conquered MP3: http://www51.sitesled.com/RedRum-DestinyConquered.mp3 Well, this remix is interesting and I consider it inventive. I took this song and just played around with it and made it into an arrangement. I did some slicing up with the drums and did a massive breakdown in the end. I also blended some of Shenmue's "Sedge Tree" in it to give it a sort of uniqueness. I also took Diana Ross's "Missing You" and put it in the intro and hell it sounded good to me. I also gave this a certain epic and classical feelings, especially at the chorus. ...Anyways, check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks much.
  19. I just submitted it to OCRemix, so check it out while you are still able. http://www51.sitesled.com/Red_Rum_-_Synthesis.mp3 This is the version I sent to them and it's now a cross-breed remix of The Last Soul from Streets of Rage and Earth & Sea from Shenmue. Enjoy!
  20. Nario, that shit was hot. I remember I did something similar back in middle school when I played the Shenmue Music from the Shenmue Orchestral OST in Music Class. I fucked up a couple of times. It's okay, it's live and natural, what do you expect? Not everyone is perfect. You really need to post more of these. I liked it.
  21. I like this. If you put those lyrics in like you posted, this would be kick ass to the max. My only problem is that I think the drums should be a bit louder. But that's not a problem. Pretty damn good.
  22. Well, let's start this from the top. I don't know if this is a midi rip because I never download MIDIs these days. Well, this is more of the less of a cover than it is an arrangement. I actually like Ocarina Of Time's music and I listen to it quite alot. Anyways, I have heard no changes yet. But I think if you continued to work on this, this could be good. You can develop a metal feel to this if you just get some better drum samples or maybe make the drums louder. You should also add some of your own pieces into the piece and it'll make it bitchin'. Rearrange the parts so it isn't too close to the source. What I would do is add some Electric Guitars and give it a unique bassline. I'm not saying that it's bad, it's actually not a bad cover at all. But I just recommend that you work on it and give it your own original feel and I think you would have yourself something here. Anyways, not bad. Keep working on it and I'll keep listening.
  23. ( I edited this post because this is before I did the extra additions... ) Well, I tried and I think it's much better now. I would have to say it's completed, I think I'm done with it. I also am renaming it to "Synthesis." Give it more of an original title. http://www51.sitesled.com/RedRum-Synthesis.mp3 Enjoy. P.S: If others can give me feedback I would appreciate it, I am thankful for Rozovian and HoboKa writing reviews also. Thank you.
  24. Holy shit! I just noticed that on the kick sample, the pops are very noticeable when you closely listen. Yeah, I'm going to lower the backing down to see how it'll come out and I think I think work on the Master EQ just a little bit more. Kind of put an extra touch on it. Thank you very much. Those pops are annoying once you notice them.
  25. Thanks to you both for writing reviews. I'm still constantly trying to improve this track, like I said... the more reviews, the merrier. Now I have a V3 of this WIP. I want you to check out, I added some new things into it and fixed a couple of things, hopefully for the better. I believe it is for the better in my opinion. http://www51.sitesled.com/RedRum-TheLastChanceV3.mp3 Thank you, and enjoy. I think I'm reaching the half way point of this remix being completed.
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