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  1. What's your situation, bro? Are you busy? Let me know.

  2. OCR project. It's in the recruit and collaborate thread. Thank you. I still gotta practice the vocals and record them.

  3. Hey, man. I got a remix almost done for the PS1 20th anniversary album. Can I get you to mix it for me in exchange for getting your name added to the remix? The bulk of my future songs for the time being will be quite similar to that last song you did for me, Rise and Grind. So you can probably set up a bunch of presets and mix stuff with hardly any effort. Hahaha!

  4. Thanks, man. I forgot a couple of things. There's a count in on the hi hat. Could you delete that? And at the bery end I say the word Xenogear. Could you delet that from the backup vocals? Thanks. ^_^

  5. Same problem as me dude. No audience. Your Kickstarter was funny yo!

    Album is still good and baby is still cute. Haha. Thanks. ^_^

  6. Dude, can you make yourself available for a mixing job? It's a 2.5-minute instrumental metal song. I'd like to offer you the totally inadequate compensation of 50 bucks. What do you say?

  7. Thanks for the info, Brandon. I'll check it out. Sorry. I've been focusing on a lot of different things and never got around to setting up my composition for hire page on the website. I'll get on that and start looking around for possible jobs again. I'm trying to start my guitar teaching business and so far no luck. So far no luck in anything actually. I have released a game and an album and haven't sold but hardly any. Discouraging.

  8. Discmakers.com. They are good and will be much cheaper for you since the shipping will be within the country. Recommended.

  9. I JUST sent out another email with an updated version. There definitely should be music. Weird. Can you PM me your email so I can confirm I have you on the list? Thanks. I'll send you an update and the newest version of the game. Also, if it turns out I am missing you from my list, then I might not have your physical address which I need to send you the CDs. So tell me that in the email, too. Thanks!

  10. Yeah. It turns out they were waiting for the final physical product. They have it now and are just waiting for me to fill out some information but I want to send out the backers CDs first.

  11. Yes. We used to talk on IRC. I don't go there SO often because of the time difference but I could definitely come and hang out on Saturday and Sunday mornings which would be Friday and Saturday daytime for you (I think). I used to be called CHIPP Damage and I do indeed have the viking locks and dwarven beard. I'm stoked that you wanted to get back in touch with me and now I feel kind of ashamed that I didn't take the initiative. Good job! So how have you been lately? Got any sweet projects going on?

  12. I want instrumental versions, too. Those are good to have.

  13. Understood. I'll do that, yo. Good job working with Zircon, man!

  14. He's not a secret. His name is Atsushi Yada and he's great as you can hear but he's not known on OCR...Or anywhere that I know of actually. There are also guest solos by some other guys whom nobody knows but ONE of them is quite possibly the greatest shredder in South Africa. But I don't think that OCR people really care about that. They just want to know that people from OCR are involved, I think.

    By the way, yes you can have a free copy of The Gathering. Let me wait until the end of the campaign though.

  15. OK. I figured out what you mean now. You meant the tags that are used for when people do a search on SoundCloud. You can add them in when you upload a track or you can do it afterwards by pressing the little pencil icon. underneath a track. It doesn't say that it's an edit button but I pressed it and that's what it turned out to be. I went ahead and added you into the tags for Babel Blue and also mentioned you in the description. I don't think any of the other songs on my page involved you though.

    Dude, thanks for making that post in the community forum! I wrote about it in the Kickstarter Central thread but yours will stand out much more. Hopefully they won't be too annoyed that you posted it there. But all that heat is now on you! MWAAHAHAHAHAAAA! :)

    I owe you.

  16. Ok, wait. I don't know what you mean by tagging. Could you explain a little bit? It's ok for me since I don't plan to have more than maybe 10 songs,up at a time.

  17. Sorry about the broken link. It should be fixed now.


  18. I haven't BEEN keeping up with them. This was the first one that I had heard and I really liked it. Totally be picky about the echo yo! It will be better that way.

    Thanks for posting the video man. Don't worry about it. I sent you a post about the campaign on your Facebook before reading that message. The campaign is off to a good start though.

  19. Yeah man. It's almost complete, too. But I've set it aside to finish up some other projects. You can check out the demo here.


    Thanks for your interest. I would love to hear what you think about it.

  20. Oh sweet! Glad to hear it. I better get some more songs ready then.

  21. Sorry. I had a concert today so I couldn't send it but I can get it to you tomorrow. It's not complex at all. Thanks.

  22. I'm afraid I don't know any Eurobeat artists but there have got to be a couple here on OCR. If I meet any, I will definitely let you know!

  23. It's no pressure on me man. I'll help you out. If you want to make a Youtube trailer or something with a Zoltan song, I am all for that! Although to be honest, I probably can't pay you what you're really worth. I actually already have a number in mind of what I CAN pay you, but if I had the money, I'd pay you $100/song. At least as far as death metal is concerned, you are worth that much or more.

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