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  1. Unless Pixie manages to get Unmod to come back to OCR and actually be treated like it isn't (or is barely) moderated. I figure that since people feel she is responsible for the absence, nobody will let go of their dislike for her until it returns...which it won't. also, i assume www.unmod.org WILL get huge. The deletion of unmod was the push towards a .org registration for many.
  2. VNC games don't get scratched. Go ahead and get it for that reason.
  3. How long have any of you been using the internet? Haven't ANY of you seen anything like this happen? 1. having a vagina gives you massive power on the internet. If the notion "i could get laid some time in my future" is entertained, then the internet is once again introduced to a pseudo-chivalry. 2. unmod is gone. the staff doesn't seem to really understand the logical reasons that anyone cares and i'm fairly certain that they simply don't want to. 3. bitching will change nothing. Bringing back unmod would come off as an "i was wrong. i made a mistake. sorry." and the average person with a
  4. Good for EU, i say. We'll get all of that eventually.
  5. UnMod gets deleted. a ton of people leave. I think a lot of the problem for the staff is realizing that OCR is actually not as impressive as so many think. Look at how many people came here just for UnMod. Doesn't that speak about the rest of the place? The balls have been cut off and now people are waiting for the last of the blood to drip.
  6. I'd never tolerate being depressed again. It's been years.
  7. I was showing that there really isn't one. Stop acting like you're above other people. wait...scrap that. Continue to be arrogant. Keep yourself convinced that you stand above others. I'm certain hilarity can come from it.
  8. The difference between class and arrogance is how many people you have fooled into thinking you're better than they are. Anyone who feels a hightened sense of superiority for coming to this board due to Unmod leaving is a complete moron.
  9. I'd like this if i was still interested in acting gothy and pretending to be depressed.
  10. I'm humored. Way to be stupid, people. Congratulations! Now OCR is CAD! I take it Absath (tim) took over? OCR's problems are gone and now look at it. It's like shooting yourself in the head to cure the flu. ...where did the laughing smilie go?
  11. .....what? I think OCR just has slow periods throughout the day.
  12. http://wii.ign.com/articles/753/753174p1.html NiGHTS! hopefully..
  13. I suck at this game. The level of depth and difficulty against a very skilled player seems almost worse than the asian kids who have 2d fighters down to an art. Thank god for an offline mode. Will they have "smash points" in a similar sense to your online points with Tetris DS?
  14. I'm sure it's old..but i enjoy this a lot. http://zeldatwilightdelay.ytmnd.com/
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