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  1. This is why I can't stand the radio and especially R&B. The rip-offs are getting worse and worse. And if I'm correct, half the time they only rip-off enough of the original to bypass copyright laws (like 10% of the original or whatever). Crap like S.O.S, Eminem's "Toy Soldiers", whoever recently ripped "Another Day in Paradise", the ripoff of Bobby Vinton's "Mr Lonely", and the list goes on. But the plastics and teeny boppers lap it up like it's some new thing, as someone mentioned earlier. If any R&B song has a good melody behind it these days, you can pretty much guarantee they ripped it from someone else. Prizm
  2. Thanks guys, I'll check those out. Prizm
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking for some slow piano mixes in the style of Klutz's Chrono Trigger Peaceful Days and McVaffe's FF3 Back to Towne. Can anyone recommend anything? I would like a slow piano Ryu's Theme, but no luck with that yet (there's a fast piano mix but it sounds corny). Thanks Prizm
  4. Yeah, after I started playing DDR a lot, I would see arrows when I'd close my eyes. And then I'd dream about step patterns that I couldn't do at the time, and I'd wake up frustrated haha Prizm
  5. Yeah, more than a few times I have wished for an undo button in real life. I don't play games much anymore. I think that sort of thing happens when you spend all your free time playing games haha Although many times when I see a guy and girl chatting in the distance, it reminds me of The Sims and building up those positive points between characters. I can almost see the green plus symbols above their heads Interesting since I only played Sims for a short time years ago. Prizm
  6. I got my hoodie today - quicker than expected! Only took 8 working days to reach Australia. Thank you! For those wondering, I looked at the tag and nothing on it says whether it's preshrunk. Prizm
  7. I bought a hoodie! Glad I can help support the VG music scene. I live in Australia and purchased via Paypal. I saw that it only had American Express credit card payments for International, but below the credit card option, you can select Paypal. btw, Amex does not have a larger worldwide presence than VISA/Mastercard. When I went back to the States last year, it certainly wasn't as common as Visa/MC (I don't have an Amex card though, I was just observing). Here in Australia it's pretty difficult as well, and if the shop has a surcharge, it's almost always double that of Visa/Mastercard. Prizm
  8. I'll probably get a shirt as I'd love to show my support for VGM, but I wasn't really a fan of the original design Prizm
  9. What can I say but very well done, very enjoyable. I'm also a fan of Ennio Morricone and Spaghetti Western music (like Once Upon a Time in the West) - and thought this track captured the essence of the genre. The vocals really took the track to a new level - well done! One of the best I've heard, Prizm
  10. Oops, I meant Sir Nuts' The Last Challenge. Tickle My Wily was also a good mix, though it wasn't a fast dance track. Prizm
  11. I love this remix! I can't get enough of the MM2 Wily theme, although I don't know why people are saying there's too many dance remixes of this theme - I've yet to hear a good dance mix aside from Sir Nuts' Tickle My Wily. Megaman 2 Chillout is an awesome down-tempo mix - definately one of my favourite video game remixes! Prizm
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