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  1. I noticed that the track number is tagged incorrectly as 4368 but it should be 4369.
  2. Wow--This is the kind of thing that should be in pixel remasters--Maybe I'll mod mine with this song if I play through it! This is the cover I've always wanted for this song whenever I hear it in retrospect or hear covers of it. It is strange but not jarring--I think it captures the feeling better than the original--hear me out. The original is great but too jarring and a little disturbing. This cover brings in a more subtle feeling of melancholy rediscovery and faint hope rather than punching you in the face with sadness like the original does.
  3. @Kurin I fixed the script after a couple of website changes over the years, one recent, so I've put it on GitHub: https://github.com/poikilos/ocremix-download-all It now stores the settings in a subdirectory under $HOME/.config so editing the script to change settings isn't necessary. Is the license I put there (GPL v3) ok? Please confirm or specify one (See https://choosealicense.com/no-permission/). Thanks for the script.
  4. My first final fantasy was FF6 (FF3a). I was deeply moved by the story and the indispensable soundtrack. Since then I have played through FF7, FF8, and working on FFX. I have watched entire replay of FF1 & FF5 & working on FF9. Nobuo Uematsu inspires me not only to play the games, but also to create electronic music.
  5. Good job Alexander *-* this is one of Uematsu's more synth-driven songs so it is hard to do...Atma would be on the top of that scale, and is probably impossible to make into a rock song (anyone take that as a challenge?) which I tried and failed (I've still not gotten a good enough remix to post here yet). Back on the topic though, this is one of my favorite (next to Little Painter Girl though very different) FF6 remixes now. Way to go!!@!11!!!!
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