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  1. Wow--This is the kind of thing that should be in pixel remasters--Maybe I'll mod mine with this song if I play through it! This is the cover I've always wanted for this song whenever I hear it in retrospect or hear covers of it. It is strange but not jarring--I think it captures the feeling better than the original--hear me out. The original is great but too jarring and a little disturbing. This cover brings in a more subtle feeling of melancholy rediscovery and faint hope rather than punching you in the face with sadness like the original does.
  2. @Kurin I fixed the script after a couple of website changes over the years, one recent, so I've put it on GitHub: https://github.com/poikilos/ocremix-download-all It now stores the settings in a subdirectory under $HOME/.config so editing the script to change settings isn't necessary. Is the license I put there (GPL v3) ok? Please confirm or specify one (See https://choosealicense.com/no-permission/). Thanks for the script.
  3. My first final fantasy was FF6 (FF3a). I was deeply moved by the story and the indispensable soundtrack. Since then I have played through FF7, FF8, and working on FFX. I have watched entire replay of FF1 & FF5 & working on FF9. Nobuo Uematsu inspires me not only to play the games, but also to create electronic music.
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