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    IRC Help

    .net = not correct server. Thanks for your input though. I was, in fact, doing it all wrong.
  2. RonemX

    IRC Help

    I apologize if there is another thread concerning this, but I tried a forum search and could not narrow anything down. I have never used IRC before and figured I'd start with the Java applet provided by this site. Unfortunately, no matter what server I choose, it just keeps telling me it's unable to connect. I have my computer hooked up at college in a dorm. Is there something I am supposed to set up first? Ports to open, firewalls to pass? Or am I just completely doing it all wrong? Thanks for any help.
  3. Sephiroth is cake, CAKE. He's like every SNES action game, except when he's gonna do his ultimate 1-hp move Sin Harvest, you can stop it, or recover instantly. Other than that, like I previously mentioned, he's predictable as hell. Ars Arcanum, slash like crazy, Ars Arcanum, slash like crazy, stop Sin Harvest...repeat.
  4. Arthur in his supercool gold armor Arthur between bronze and gold armor LT: These sprite rips should be better, i.e. take directly from the game. Right now these aren't sharp enough. I'm not going to take anything dominated by white backgrounds; you have to get rid of those and make the backgrounds transparent.
  5. It wasn't so much a boss, as just the final task you had to complete, but in STG: Strike Gunner for SNES (my like all time favorite shooter) you had to fly through death-star-like tunnels at really high speeds just to get to the core at the end that you only had to hit a few times and the game was over...the only problem was, by the time you got there, you had like 4 lives with no continues, and everytime you touched a wall, you lost a life....yeah...my dad and I had to play through that game like 4 or 5 times so one of us finally made it to the core with only 1 or 2 lives left (im pretty sure
  6. Sephiroth for KH1? Sephiroth in FF7 was harder...and we all know how easy FF bosses are. I don't mean to be a jerk, but this IS supposed to be the hardest boss ever. Most RPG extra-bosses are insane, requiring level 99 (or max) the best weapons and tons and tons of patience, hoping for critical hits and the like. Sephiroth on KH1 could easily be beaten at lvl 60, and you definately did not need the best of everything.
  7. Long time visitor, first-er-32nd time poster. I'm way into FF6, Chrono, and Zelda music, as well as the games. I almost always get way-psyched when a remix from any of those comes up. I have Finale on my comp and I mess around with it a bit, but most of my stuff isn't too layered, all in MIDI, and really short. Maybe one day, I'll finish a project. Ronem, by the way, and I never really tell people this, is derived from Chrono, a name I used to use after playing that title for an extensive period of time. It was Chrono, then Chronem, then Cronem, then I wanted to ditch the whole Chrono-th
  8. I'm givin' Wolverine some love here. LT: The resolution on both of these are awful. Don't sub something so poorly made.
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