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  1. I doubt there's any stripped down version of this mix available without the singing, eh? The lyrics are entirely too cheesy to stand hearing. It completely ruins what would otherwise be an excellent CC remix.
  2. JESUS TITTY-FUCKING CHRIST Once again Blizzard gives absolutely no reasonable warning that the servers will be down for 36 hours, including that everyone will lose their friends/ignore list. Which makes no logical sense to me how the world's biggest MMO company who netted 80 million in it's first year of production can't backup and reload a simple text log...(I think they're deleting them on purpose). Aswell the new priest talents/spells do not seem nearly that impressive, imo. In fact, they're just plain bullshit, besides the mass dispel which is nostalgic to WC3...which 90% of WoW has never heard/played...