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  1. Glad to know that youre getting better! Well, at least it won't happen again!
  2. Wow! Happy birthday, Zircon! And yes, please do keep making those awesome albums!
  3. This song is really great - I love it! It's really cool and has a great beat! Keep it up!
  4. Yes, the original IS hard to beat, but there IS something in it that is left to be desired...
  5. Yes... an email list DEFINATELY sounds really convienient! Plus, I don't want to miss out this time (I did before... )...
  6. I guess I could grab an XL, cause I like it loose like that. Plus I want to keep it for a while, so that'll be good.
  7. This tune was amazing - Quick Man's stage music has never been better! Everything went together well, and it sounded great! Awesome job, AE! If you like techno, or even if you don't, you will LOVE it after this. 10/10!!!
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