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    i thought the movie was incredibly fun to watch, it's very beautiful to look and the battles are very intense, which (in this rare case) makes up for the lack of story and character development anyway, i was rewatching the second trailer for the movie, and i can't figure out what song they use halfway through the trailer....... so if anyone can identify it for me....
  2. Now, i haven't used vista yet... .so i am wondering the difference between the gadgets and yahoo widgets (http://widgets.yahoo.com/)
  3. oh good thanks. i had figured out part A and then i was lost on all of the rest
  4. Does anyone want to help me with my physics???? Early skeptics of the idea of a rotating Earth said that the fast spin of Earth would throw people at the equator into space. The radius of Earth is about 6400 km. Show why this objection is wrong by calculating: A) the speed of a 97 kg man at the equator; The force acting on him to accelerate him in a circle around the Earth C) The weight of the man; D) How much force is holding him to the surface of the Earth I'm so confused... much thanks for any help
  5. I was also a victim of this Torn Envelope Problem http://img169.imageshack.us/my.php?image=photo25ss6.jpg
  6. http://www.sendspace.com/file/y1ckn2 ^^^ theres the fixed for itunes tracks the only thing wrong is a short scratching sound at the beginnning of the track, which can easily be fixed by right clicking the song, then "get info" then "options" then switch the starting time to 0:00.06
  7. I fixed the tracks using a converter and now they work fine in iTunes, im uploading them to sendspace for you, and the link will be ready in a few minutes
  8. awesome, i can't decide if i like this or the official album art (i found it by the way) better.... do u have a higher resolution?
  9. album's awesome! i just downloaded this morning, well worth the wait. Where can I pick up spire's album art? I see him credited on the site, but i can't find where to download it....
  10. and for the tracklisting, when you have 2 artists on one song, and it says for example... BrainCells + Snapple i think it would be neat if you kept the Sonic & Knucles theme going and did.... BrainCells & Snapple
  11. same here, i don't know if my opinion matters since i have no part of the project.... but i'd like to offer my 2 cents front - i'm not quite sure why, but the newly added boxes around the lettering is bothering me... it just seems to distract too much and draw attention away from the logo, if we could see a version without the boxes, or perhaps with lighter boxes, i think it may look better back - again the boxes don't get me wrong, i LOVE what you did with the album art, but you did ask for opinions, so i'm just letting you know what i thought. keep up the good work! <EDIT> also, the blood on the asphalt project could use some album art love from you highly talented artists.......
  12. the album art is really good, i love how the s&k logo lights up like that... my favorite of the back album cover is the logo with no eyes, if my input has any effect on your final decision... also, i think in the bottom right hand corner u could put one of those compact disc logos, and make it look all official... or you could put the track names in the center, and have the faded logo in back of it ^^that's a half-assed 2 minute job of what i saw in my head. so maybe that for the back, idk whatever and i'd also like to see what it looks like with project lit up red, and chaos lit up blue, for the contrast against the character above it, if u know what i mean... but whatever, just adding my two cents, i think your doing a good job on it so far
  13. COME ON PEOPLE!!!! SEND IN SOME GOOD MIXES SO WE CAN GET PAST 1500!!! They've already been sent: It's just up to DJP to post them, eventually. LOL You might as well grab a lawn chair and sit in your yard. Nothing's gonna happen FAST. HAHAHAHA. >_>; so when the 1500th song is eventually posted, then how much of an inbetween time is planned for a gap? 1 week, 1 month?
  14. COME ON PEOPLE!!!! SEND IN SOME GOOD MIXES SO WE CAN GET PAST 1500!!! i'm really excited for the project! sonic 2 and 3 are the 2 games i grew up playing over and over again, so this project means a lot to me and i'm sure it;s worth the wait
  15. This is exactly what bittorrent was designed to do. i use bittorrent and i agree that it's a great way to save bandwidth, but some people dont like using it and/or aren't computer savvy enough to figure it out so i think using something like sendspace or rapidshare is a great idea
  16. i second the request for album art, even if it's just something simple... i just don't like how this album is the only album on my iPod w/o album art
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