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  1. I don't think anyone asked, but, does anyone know where I can find the old version? I really loved this mix and kinda wanted to see how it evolved...
  2. I dont know if anyone has mentioned these ones yet, but they are EXTREMELY HARD!!! First, the SOMBRERO GUY that you fight at the end of the third level in a really obscure NES game made by Milton Bradley called Time Lord. I DARE you to try beating him without a turbo controller. Secondly, and even more difficult is the final boss of Ninja Gaiden II. He has like 4 INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT forms that you have to fight in a row. You'll have a hard enough time trying to kill just one of these f***ers, but THEN, after you've lost all your damn health on the previous form, your health carries over to the next. TRY beating him without using emulator savestates or exploits - I dare you!
  3. I was very impressed by this mix - especially that rousing opening sequence. Does anyone know of any more music beside that John Williams piece that have something like that opening? I can't get enough of it.
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