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  1. Omg wow, this melody really takes me back. I was reading your description on the first page and I was thinking 'What radio station, I don't remember anything like that' and then I listen to the mix and Bam! I remember this melody and station now! I enjoyed it then and I'm really enjoying your remix of it now! (For whatever reason, I haven't heard this melody in the new HG/SS yet! Hopefully it's still in the game somewhere!) Anyway, I agree with some of the others, dialogue might take away from the melody. I think it's perfect as is! Keep up the great work and thanks for the nostalgia blast!
  2. Well I still have all the old WIPs and you can't stop me from enjoying them on my iPod! Till the day the finished is done!
  3. Just had to post that I love it! I actually had an older version of this song on my iPod that I had found on VGMix.com waaay back! This version is so much better! Keep up the awesome work!
  4. This was beautiful! When I went to OCReMix this morning and saw Pixietricks name as one of the remixers, I squealed with excitement and downloaded this asap! As usual, you do not disappoint! The vocals are beautiful and the music itself is just transporting!! An amazing piece!! The only thing I am sad about is that OCR didn't list what the lyrics are! Can you post them when you have a second pixietricks?
  5. Omg I love this melody.. I wish someone had the sheet music for that flute.. I would looooooooooove to play it on my Oboe and Recorder! *looks around hopefully and whimpers like a puppy*
  6. I would love a XL or XXL, I love big and loose and comfy
  7. I just want to say I can't wait for this release! I love you guys!! I loved ToS and I was saddened when I couldn't find many remixes of its soundtrack! Now here it gets a project!! :D I'm so psyched! Thanks in advance guys for what I know will be some kickass music!!
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