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  1. http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Overclocked_ReMix Look at this I haven't been posting for a while since I've been reading ED and this article popped up today does anyone have a counter attack? Protricity you should use some of your "hacking" skills on them as mentioned in the article lol. this is a heads up since I know what happens to sites that have articles on ED they get spammed and flamed and raided
  2. thanks Chavous i may Borrow my friends FL see if i like it once he's back from a trip
  3. screw ur opinion realpolitik uve done nothing but annoy me
  4. I have 2 to 3 options for my mixing software FL, finale PrintMusic, Nero WaveEditor. Im looking for the cheapest option I already own Nero 7 and I can get some version of PrintMusic for free it's FL that im wondering i may buy a friends copy if he wants to. but the real question is it a good idea even to try to use PrintMusic and Nero?
  5. Srry its not my fault that a neighbor had a party last night so thats for the spelling problems and I didnt get any sleep and i know the program already and this is for the ppl who can't stand mispelled words "i have the basic melody memorized"
  6. i was under the impression you had to be currently mixing something to post in this thread but i guess not currently working on: -star stealing girl prog trance -nineko's super hang-on request (kinda hard trance) -vectorman hard trance -possible collab with e-concerto on crashing castle well WAS working on back in the day. to do: -something from earthbound. -smrpg proj mix -e-concerto's proj mix mmhmm son. i have the basic melody memerized all i need is the program and ill be good to go
  7. In Progress: None Cuz of no mixing software To Do: Something Tetris (like there isnt a thousand of those) Something Of metroid (if i have any sanity left in me) In Future: Who knows
  8. Hi meesa new to forums but not new to OCR I've heard most of what OCR has to offer on Radio Nintendo and enjoyed most of it ( i like the music from the games im familiar with) so dont be offended and as soon as I persaude my orhestra teacher to let my borrow his copy of Finale PrintMusic I should be good to go in the composing department and then comes the fun part trying to remix with Nero Wave Editor which i read in one of the forums to be a good program I think so you probably see a failing copmoser in acouple of months
  9. i dont know if someone might have postedthis but if your for a great set of headphones i found some logitech ones for 19 somthing they have great sound quality and have a noise canceling mic if you online game hope this helps
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