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  1. Thwank you Rozovian, ill be sure to direct the first noob to those links u presented and plagiarized the rest.
  2. I am using Fruity Loops 7 and this is what i came up with in this order : http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/ovru/L-plays-with-his-feet (first one i maek) http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/kkrb/I-WILL-FUCKING-KILL-YOU (i made this when i was pissed) http://www.tindeck.com/audio/my/rrhx/thebellsonthechurch (last one i made) Any Tips? Haelp? Am i OLRemix Worthy yet?
  3. You Win. I know you are obviously using Fruity Loops, do you have any tips for a newbie like me?
  4. http://www.ocremix.org/system/sat/remixes/ There are only 7 remixes on this interesting system. 197 on the play station 47 in the Nintendo sixty four not including the projects. I know the only reason i am on this forum is to be a bitch and make requests or be all pisssy. But seriously we have nintendogs and play station fan boys running the show. If you are offended, be offended, if your not, something is wrong with you. The poor sega saturn boys are all left out. I am getting fruity tulips program, but its going to be awhile before i even think about submitting unless its overlooked rem
  5. I really did not know him, or even talked to him directly, but I am here to pay my respects, I loved his work.
  6. Because amazing soundtracks are only harder to remix, epically if not a steady beat. Why do you think theres not a lot of sega saturn remixes from games like Nights, or Astal? Some would say that Final Fantasy Tactics dosent need any remixes.
  7. This was my very favorite game, and poor sir anthony william's and how to rave does get boring after the 500th times, any new tactic remixes coming out soon? If not will someone make another one, or find a link to more?
  8. 1. Please mention the game whose soundtrack you are requesting a ReMix from in your topic title - if applicable, please include the specific track name. Never was a soundtrack, it was a cd, and the soundtrack was hidden in the game cd that needed to be extracted, but it was still soundtrack in how it was set. 2. If you are making multiple requests in the same post, please mention the first game title in your topic title, and indicate that additional games are mentioned by adding ". . . more". No only one, just one, but hell you do whatever you want, I just want this intro song in the movie
  9. This engine is full of mods. http://spring.clan-sy.com/
  10. I like it, but it seems abit short, in my opinion, why are all sweet things short?
  11. Yes for great justice, finish your remixes or redo them later for better quality, like your doing now! Awsome intro!
  12. If you want a good scream, look for the howard dean scream. Going to take back the whitehouse YEARHG
  13. If thats the case, Try making a remake of Total Annihilation because there is none, no, zero remixes of this great Rts.
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