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  1. I like it. You are able to create a refreshing interpretation of the earthbound soundtrack. EB was one of my favorite games...when I had time to do things other than study...those were the days... Not sure the exact time, but at around 3/4s into the song you use some different sounds. My biggest complaint would be this part. These sounds kind of drown out the rest of the mix, IMHO. Also the song comes to an end to quickly. Granted, there isn't much source material, but I hate when a mix ends too soon.
  2. Wow, great mix. This is my favorite in the project. It has a very unique style to it that I haven't heard anything similiar to, and I've listened to a lot of oc remix. I especially like the build up of percussion throughout the song (mainly comes in around 5.30) from the slow and softer part of the song at 3-4 mins. The different timing structure you do with that original ff7 melody removes the repetitive nature of it to a good extent. The ending piano piece at around 7.00 is icing on the cake. This song is full enough for me to enjoy and really get into the 'mood of the song,' unlike some of the remixes which only come in around 2-3mins. Looking forward to more remixes from Hy Bound!
  3. I never knew there was a jap version of this song. Interesting.
  4. Why are there only two remixes for this? GREAT OST!!!! Here are some great songs I nominate for mixing: Alma's theme - has a serious feel, could def. be a great mix if done correctly Antidote in the Snow - Great long song, You can do a lot with it... Random Waltz - same, would love to hear some sort of mix of the keyboards at 32s Trisection - good Unexpected Events - good Darkness - Great evil song for remixing right here! Ultema the Perfect Body - Think "one winged angel," would be hard to make a good mix but it would be great
  5. Overall, I found this a great remix. I enjoyed the chiptune, it enhanced the "dark sounds" in the beginning of the song with the high contrast. Definately getting a spot on my frequent playlist. But for my constructive criticism.. If there is one thing this song suffered from it was that it didn't seem coherent enough. Like reading a book with multiple authors, you can tell where the individual remixers chipped in their specific part. Like at 45 into the track and 1.36 the voices seem a little rushed. Then at 2.10 its a little overboard on the amount of instrumentation. At 3.10 the guitar doesn't seem loud enough too. Overall I can see how that would happen with so many artists involved, but perhaps the song should have just been made longer? In either case great job everyone, I still enjoy the song
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