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  1. I believe the search engine Larry was trying to think of with the dog is Lycos.
  2. Hey Zircon, since you beat your cold and since I'm nice and vote for you guys every month, do you think you could beat my cold for me? It's yucky and I don't want it.
  3. Another great show! I'm really enjoying the Flow Basket segment. Can't wait for the next one!
  4. It's time for Animaniacs, and we're zany to the max...
  5. I voted for VGDJ, but I do like Harry Potter...
  6. I'm on episode 50! I feel loved! Pixie, look into my eyes... OUCH! I said look not poke!
  7. Your killing me Zircon! No, really, you are.
  8. I called in... May god have mercy on my soul.
  9. Hellooooo VGDJ! I've been listening to all the podcasts from the beginning this past week to catch up. It's hard work! (Not really) I started listening to VGDJ with the current hosts, Zircon and Pixietricks. So when I went to the beginning and found out it started with Rayza and Aurora I was like ZOMG! WILL I LIKE THEM?! And of course I did and was sad to see them go. Then The Wingless came on and I wasn't sure if I'd like him or not, but I did. Now I'm back up to the current hosts, Bear and Jillybean, and couldn't be happier.
  10. JSMc

    Nintendo DS

    I agree with this. I think they look pretty cool though. I can't wait to play it.
  11. Hello all! My name is Jason, A.K.A. JSMc. I'm 23 and I live in Orlando, Florida. I've been a big fan of the OCR site for three or four years now. I just started listening to VGDJ about two months ago, and since have become interested in the community. I've even gained interest in creating my own remixes; something I've never thought of before. I'm no stranger to forums, so I know all the rules that apply. Anyway, I hope to get to know everyone and become involved in the community. One more thing, I've noticed that most people use punctuation and correct grammar on this site. It's very refreshi
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