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  1. Original = beautiful. Remix; after listening it a few times, really like the percussion incoming @ 1:44. Nice outro too, no sudden cut offs or weird fade outs. Great track!
  2. This remix is great. Nice intro, as you think it would start on the beat (first note), but it isn't, because of the drums coming in. 1.50 Really amazing change into 6/8. Not only that, but the bass + drums makes it sound terrific. Overall, definitely need this on your playlist, even if you don't know the song.
  3. This is one of the best Super Mario World Castle Theme remixes on the site. My fav. part: around 55 secs, the melody (arpeggio's) with nice bass and amazing strings background. At 1:43, classic! Outstanding remix.
  4. This remix is absolutely amazing. I'm really a fan of drum and bass hits, and this remix just got it. Everything is just so well mixed, it's worth every second to listen to.
  5. After reading some reply's, what more needs to be said? This song is phenomenal!
  6. This song has a nice drum and bass combination, especially when it starts at 1:40. It really fits in the melody. The only thing that 'bothers' me is that when the time that both drum and bass comes (at 1:40 and 4:37), it isn't the whole melody, which IS at 2:10. With 'whole melody' I mean that Nixdorux did something else than the original melody (starting at 1:46). It's too bad. At 4:37 is the best part, I agree on that, with the Hi-hat(?) add. But I would prefer if the whole melody was mixed in there (and not at 2:10). I'm not saying it's bad that Nixdorux did something else there, I guess I should call Nixdorux original in those parts. Nonetheless, great remix. I like it. 8,5/10
  7. Hi, I'm new here. When I heard this song, I just had to register and put my opinion . This song is just really AMAZING! The variation of the songs and instruments throughout this song is very, very good. I'm quite an game music fanatic, and this song has different songs in it. But I didn't knew where those songs came from because I never heard of them before (f.e. the part that starts from 1:35, also at 2:30), which are also great. Well yea, it is mentioned exactly which songs are in it, but not at which point, so I decided to search for the music from the games that were mentioned As mentioned before by other ppl, my favorite part is also the Super Mario World Credits at 2:00. It just gives me the chills everytime I listen to it. The melody is soo nice! It's truly amazing From all the songs I have, which are mostly from Mario and Zelda, this song defenietly sticks above the rest imo. The other song from Dr. Fruitcake, Zelda64 Party in the shop, is also very amazingly done. Dr. Fruitcake's remixes are just very pleasant to listen to. Keep up the good work! This song = MASTERPIECE. 9,5/10
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