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  1. Really? Thats cool. How did you get the soundtrack up? It's great to be able to download all the intire soundtrack like that. Appriciate it!
  2. Pherhaps we should e-mail DJ Pretzel himself? I'm not sure how often Remixers check the request the forum or even listen to the people. But if we can get someone started, maybe then we can get Advance Wars and Golden Sun more reckognition in the music department. I would be more the happy to make my own remixes if I knew how or had the proper tools. And your right about the music being not as cool as the real thing coming out of your DS/GBA but its damn near close. Sadly, the bass guitar is harder to hear in the Tag Power theme. But, like I said, its still cool.
  3. I'm a huge Advance Wars Fan and I totally dig the advance wars theme musics. I'd to push for remixes for Advance War and to do so, I found a site where you can download the ENTIRE Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advnace Wars Dual Strike Soundtrack. Here it is- http://www.advancewars.net/multimedia/soundtracks/ Really have to thank Black Hole HQ for putting these on the web. Heres to AW Remixs
  4. I'll say I never was big into Halo. But the main reason I DO enjoy Halo, more than it's multiplayer, is the opening music. You did an excellent job at remastering the score. I hope your talents will inspire remixes and hope to hear more remixes from you in the future.
  5. It's great! Its funk, therefore, does not have to be exact, or perfect. It's enjoyable. If you don't like the band, get out of the pub. Chances are, they probable were drunk but who cares? I think I'll listen to it again...
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