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  1. IMO The "bad" samples give it a different feel than if it had high-quality samples. I mean, I have no gripes about the samples as they are now. The song has a fun feel to it that the samples kinda add to. It wouldn't sound right with high-quality samples. It's a great song.
  2. I enjoyed this, although, it did indeed seem to differ little from the original, which I can't say is a bad thing. I don't really like the sudden ending, but aside from that, its a very good remix. I enjoyed it, so I give it caps: TheTempleRevisited (I say that like anyone really cares, lol)
  3. Ouch... I can't say I liked this... There was something about it... well a few somethings, really... Well at least the voice sample thing was... no nevermind... Not to say this was a bad remix... I liked the overall feel, but the way the notes just kinda cut off rather than fading... I just can't say I liked it... I didn't like so I'm not going to give it caps: deploy (I say that like anyone really cares...)
  4. Very nice. I feel inspired to change the world by moving statues just so I can hear this song when I fly in my airship. Just have to make sure that I save Shadow. It gets caps so: Ruined Skies
  5. Wow, I didn't think I'd like it, but turns out I did. It deserves caps, therefore, I will type it with caps at the begining of each word: Eres Des Points. Now if only I knew how to say that Pas de mac à mes côtés... That could be a useful phrase
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