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  1. Trenthian did a pretty good job of combining the two. The instrumentation is a bit odd, but it doesn't sound too bad considering the style of the piece.
  2. Sounds good, reminds me of Beautiful Traveller (Starlight Mix) for some reason
  3. "Sol o/a" is also used in Spanish to mean "alone" and "lonely". "Sola" is the feminine form and "solo" is the male form. "Sólo" (with an accent on the first o) means "only". "Sol" means "sun" in Spanish, but "sol" is exclusively masculine. In Spanish the endings also change according to gender (because it's a Romance language), such as "profesor"/"profesora" ("teacher", male/female forms respectively).
  4. The piece doesn't seem to move very much, which is fine with me, but it may be a problem depending on what the song is for.
  5. Is there anyone who has the VGF torrents and is willing to seed them? For some reason my computer suddenly decided to not connect to the lone seeder anymore (I assume it's Compyfox) so I'm stuck with 7 torrents with an average dl completion of 25%. Thanks for any help provided. EDIT: I finally got them all - many thanks to the other seeder, whoever it is.
  6. Sounds awesome ! I couldn't compare it to the Tiesto remix because I can't find it - I can't find it here - http://www.radio538.nl/538/programmas/dancedepartment/ which is where the Hans Zimmer link leads. Can anyone help?