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  1. Okay. You clearly didn't watch the whole series. The thing about Bebop is, yes, they are all stand alone stories but it is the character's back stories that ties them together. If you watch the whole thing it becomes readily apparent why Spike and the crew are the way they are and how and why they interact with each other. Also, just finished watching Ghost Hound. Not bad at all. I love a good mystery and the horror/ghost ascetic is pretty cool. Would love to see more like it if you guys have any suggestions.
  2. Coop, after all my time gone, it's good to see your sigs are still soo awesome. Also, yeah. Skyrim is the shit.
  3. Zeklan


    So guys... The thing at the end? Up or down? I'd say down.
  4. Having played through FF6 more times than any person should be willing to admit, I know the soundtrack pretty well. I have to say, this is a welcome addition to my FF6 collection.
  5. Very nice, Zircon. I have this on my DVR and it will probably be there for a while.
  6. Zeklan

    Xbox 360

    Anybody else picking up Halo Wars? I know there is better RTSs out there, and most people who pick it up will stop playing it within a week when they realize it's not HALO 4, but it seems like good fun. I love RTSs but since my CPU sucks I have to rely on what the console gods can come up with.
  7. I like using Ken. There I said it. I've been using him since before SF2 went TURBO. I'm trying to branch out though. Also looking into Sakura, Abel, Rose, and I appear to be the only person even vaguely interested in Viper. (I refuse to acknowledge that C.)
  8. The Poo Song from Conker's Bad Fur Day. Also, "She's got very nice... stigmas."
  9. Zeklan

    Xbox 360

    So guys, I was wondering, think we could get one of those Community Playdate things going for OCR? We got enough of us here to fill out a roster. We would most likely play SSF2HDR due to the site's obvious tie-in. Maybe throw in TF2 or L4D? What do you guy think? Would you be interested?
  10. Zeklan

    Left 4 Dead

    Jovian, I'll add you tomorrow. I'm almost always up for a game. (When I'm around.)
  11. Not around until 98' but still: Cowboy Bebop
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