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  1. On the sound: I often find a big mistake orchestral remixers make is to utilize high-quality samples in hopes to emulate a live performance, rather than to use them as they are to create art within a given set of limitations. That is to say: they should use their tools as they do sound rather than as a ho-hum approximation to how they wished they would sound (this also takes away limitations on using the instruments in regards to technique. I suppose you could argue that it isn't a proper orchestral arrangement unless it's performable, but I'm just a simple listener so it makes little difference to me). This here is an example of one such remix. Being myself a real stickler (read: snob) for live performances, I'm both surprised and delighted to find myself enabling "repeat." Again. And again. On arranging: I don't know if it was musical risk-taking, if you knew exactly what you were doing, if it was a lucky accident or what, but the battling orchestra near the conclusion, where you have two themes contrasting with one another without the slightest hint of harmony... well, it was a stroke of genius. In other contexts it might not have worked. As it is, however, I'm not sure how anyone is going to top arranging this theme from MM3 anytime soon. Near favorite or favorite for the album. Love it. Can't wait to hear more.