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  1. IX was one of my favorites. It made a lot of throwbacks to the oldschool Final Fantasies... I don't really see FFVII on DS as a good idea. Whether we want it or not, however, a PS3 remake would make a ton of money. I'm personally for it. Imagine how great it would be not to have prerendered backgrounds, etc.
  2. Scary Movie 3 was probably the best one. Anyone looking forward to Epic Movie? It'll never really reach the prestige of movies like Airplane!, but it could be kinda funny.
  3. I'm really the first one in the mines region? I live between the N and the dot that says Iron.
  4. Testing my (temporary) sig. Nothing much for now, until I can get some sort of cool logo. Anybody who uses the GIF Construction Set Professional 3 know how to make animated GIFs' backgrounds transparent?
  5. PK Rockin Ω, definitely. It would look awesome in 3D, and it covers the whole screen, much like what the other characters' super moves seem to do. Damn, now I'm getting even more excited for this game!
  6. Hey everybody! Believe it or not, I've lurked on this site for something like two years without creating an account. So, I figured it would be wise to post here first.
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