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  1. Hi, I'm pretty unfamiliar with the genre itself, however, these are my first impressions after listening to the song a couple of times: You are probably right in that it might differ from the original a little too much, perhaps it would be a good idea to accentuate the melody just a little bit more? It's not as it is totally unrecognizable, it's just not obviously the same song either. You should bear in mind that I was unfamiliar with the original work until I listened to the link you provided. Production wise, it sounds pretty good. Some observations though. The intro has some problems in the high frequency range, it almost gives me a headache. Perhaps the MP3-format is to blame here? Also, the low end is a little dominant, at least to my taste. I would definitely lower the bass. The mix is somewhat muddy, especially from 2:19. Again, lowering the bass would be a good start to bring in some clarity. The energy is good. Good dynamical use as well. Overall, from my limited experience of the genre, I think you've got something going there. Hope any of this was helpful to you.
  2. Wow, this sounds pretty solid so far. Awesome work. Can't provide any constructive feedback for you I'm afraid, can't think of anything to improve. Finish it and submit, I would love to hear the full version.
  3. Hi everybody, I'm kind of new here, although I registered a couple of years ago. Anyway, I've been working on an arrangement of the highscore theme for 1942 for the Commodore 64 platform, and I would like some feedback before submitting it to the judges... The remix is available at Updated: Here is a link to the original file, for those of you that can play sid-files: I'm going to add some details to the intro as well as the part starting at 1:30. There's supposed to be an effect on the drums at that part as well, giving the drums a kind of lo-fi quality, but for some reason, Cubase won't export the song correctly. There are some panning issues to be fixed as well, the mix is somewhat heavy on the left side. Any other suggestions? Is the arrangement OK? What about the overall mix? Anything that needs to be fixed before submitting, or should I just forget about it altogether? Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  4. I have not heard the original, so I can't comment on how interpretive your work is. It's very well arranged though and interesting troughout the whole song. Good work with dynamics, I like the parts of the song kept pretty sparse in instrumentation. Too bad all instruments suffer from the typical general midi sound. Can't blame your skills for that though.
  5. First of all, I feel like an dumbass for posting in the wrong forum section, in a new thread. Prior to posting a new thread, I actually looked for a introduction-section, but completely missed it. Guess I need glasses after all... Anyways, to make things a easier, hers my introduction-post again, this time posted in the right thread: Greetings fellow game music lovers. Smile Since I'm new around here, introducing me properly seemed to be a good idea. I'm a 26 y o hobby musician, mainly dealing with rock in its many various forms. Ever since I first heard the title theme for Bubble Bobble, game music has always had a special place in my heart. That's a relationship that has lasted for 18 years so far. I've been into music making for about 10 years, and has developed some decent skills during that period of time. Currently I'm working on an arrangement of the Kakariko towns theme from Zelda. Yeah, I know it's been done before, still, I hope I can make something fresh out of it. I have some ideas for an arrangement of the title theme from Iron lord as well, so if the judges here at OC remix finds some potential in my first rearrangement, I might be encouraged to take on the challenge of remixing Iron Lord as well. Might post a work-in-progress mix of the Kakariko arrangement to recieve some feedback as to whether I'm heading in the right direction or not. Some of my favourite game themes are: Iron lord, Monkey Island, Zelda, Gianna Sisters, Mega Man e.t.c. Just view my profile, should you be curious to find out more about my interests. / The Minstrel