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  1. Definately a staple of my OCR playlist; such a different style with this one. Zelda's Lullaby around 1:29 has such a different feel to it than it did in game. Love it
  2. I didn't discover this one until recently, when I reformatted my HD and bittorrented everything to reorganize my collection. Short but sweet. Has a great nostalgic feel to it. Definately a staple of my new OCR playlist.
  3. I've played both these games (one much more than the other ). I do tend to hear the Guild Wars theme more predominately in the mix, and have trouble picking out the Stormwind part. 1:48 starts the best part for me. The background strings really give it some oomph.
  4. Having never played the game (blasphemy against the genre, I'm sure,) I've never heard the original piece. With that said, this mix definately has some power to it. My favorite section is the building that occurs beginning at :50. Great stuff.
  5. Great, dreamy piece. The acoustic guitar loop adds alot of depth. My favorite part is a 3:38 when Zelda's Lullaby comes it. Very nostalgic
  6. First review from a long-time lurker. Three years or so long, heh. This has always been one of my favorites. One of the few five-starred mixes on my playlist. It has that dreamy and relaxing feel to it. Like other posters have mentioned, I envision someone sitting on a beach, with miles of sand and ocean as far as the eye can see. I get the feeling that something isn't quite right, but whatever it is, life will go on. Great piece, heh.
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