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  1. I personally liked this remix a lot. It'll definitely be used for a few purposes. I especially liked the instruments chosen, with the choir and the out-of-tune organ, it really brings out the dissonance in there. The arpeggios worked fine for transitions, I think, even if they were a bit repetitive, but I think it's an awesome mix. And "America's Favorite FF Theme" was put in at the end so that if you didn't like the mix, you wouldn't have a bad aftertaste once it was over. Again, awesome mix.
  2. Well, in addition to Evil's Remix, I'm trying to help it out. For his Oh yeah! Part, yes, "Oh, Yeah" is the correct phrase from what I'm hearing. And the third different line, "J'ai ce qu'il faut dans les veines pour...[i have absolutly no idea] " I can't understand what's directly after pour, but I hear "C'est à toi, Baby!" (It's your turn, Baby!) At the end of the phrase. Perhaps someone can fill in the other word? Anyway, as for the second incomprehendable part, I'm as clueless as Evil on it. Other than that, I'm hearing what's written...once again, great mix, my favorite so far!
  3. I'd have to say that (aside from team Gato, of course...cause that was just too damn funny to ignore,) this has got to be my favorite song out of OC Remix. I mean, sure, everything has its sound and all, but this is awesome! I'm currently taking French II, so I probably wouldn't understand some of the words without a handy dictionary, but I can conjugate! And don't get me for biased here, I really didn't think that Rap and French went together until I heard this. And with Terra's theme playing in rhythm just sounded so..*shivers*...SEXY! Anyone who needs something to listen to should PICK THIS UP. It'll get your spirits up and your mouth rollin' (from what you can comprehend anyway. Heh heh...) Once again, an awesome remix. Thanks, DJ Crono! Keep up the good and unique work!
  4. Not that I've played the hardest games on earth, but in my opinion, the hardest boss I've fought (and I know this is not an RPG) would have to be Epyon from the Gundam Wing game on the Super Famicom. Hard Difficulty, obviously. Hell, I have a tough time with him on easy! RPG-wise, however, I'm gonna have to say Arch-Demon from Seiken Densetsu 3. I don't pride myself on being a good RPG player, but that took way too much thinking and considering moves to beat (and that was the FIRST stage). And then when he got into the second phase, I just said "I'm screwed." and kept fighting. I won, after a few tries, but I just thought he had it in for me. But that's just MY non-experienced RPGer's opinion, lol.
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