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  1. Seconded. Also, it's pretty safe to say that X5 is better than X4. Unless some people actually liked Iris or Double. X6 made Zero broken with his Z-buster and had even less story than usual. If the series wanted to make any real sense, it should have ended at X5.
  2. A) v = 2*pi*R/T R = Radius of Earth, 6400 km. T: T is the period of rotation, i.e. one day. One day = 24 hours. I don't think it's necessary to convert from hours to seconds, since km/h seems like a good unit to stick with. v = 1675.52 km/h Now you have v. F = ma. a = centripetal acceleration = v^2/r a = 438.649 km/h^2 F = 42549 km*kg/h^2 (or 3.28 N (kg*m/s^2), if you prefer) C) Weight = mg. Since gravity is 9.81 meter/second^2, convert this to km/h^2. (g = 127138 km/h^2) W = 1.233 * 10^7 km*kg/h^2 (or 951.57 N) D) W - F = a positive number. Therefore, I am at my computer, and not hurtling towards the atmosphere, about to be burnt up. Oh, and Back_Lit, though Magewout's solution is correct, when finding C, make sure you find the specific heat (J/g*Celsius), and not the heat capacity (J/Celsius).
  3. I remember some guy accomplishing this by noting that, in our assignment prompt, it was never stated that the egg needed to be in freefall. So he just taped the egg to a long and narrow length of paper, and manually lowered the paper along with the egg. So my advice is, check the exact wording of the assignment.
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    I think it depends on your major. If you're planning on doing something that will require math, don't take more than you can handle, since you'll need a solid understanding of algebra for future classes. If you're not going down that road, try to get math out of the way as quickly as possible. EDIT: Whoops. Totally misred the OP post.
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