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  1. Probably hidden. Because in Brawl, CAPTAIN FALCON announces the action-specific points, adding "FARUKKON" before each. Seriously though, it would be lulz if the final boss of single player classic as Snake was Ocelot's dismembered arm.
  2. Paratha

    Free Rice

    Level 41, 780 grains. I swear, half of these words I've never heard of before. I'm just going by word roots and such.
  3. Whoa, you're right. I can't believe I missed that. And with the background what it is on that screen, it probably isn't coincidence, either.
  4. But there's no Captain Falcon in Halo.
  5. QFT. DKC2 remains the pinnacle of the platformer genre in my opinion. And yeah, Klubba was the guy to whom you paid Kremcoins to enter the Lost World.
  6. Tomorrow's update: Virtual Boy connectivity. It's been said before, but the music tracklist for this game is going to be huge.
  7. 3S Ryu looks better, but I thought that Ken looked pretty good in the teaser.
  8. Yeah, this week wasn't that great at all. Oh well. Hopefully next week Captain Falcon, Geno, and Megaman will be announced as playable characters.
  9. Woo. I never found a use for the flame dash attack.
  10. Who has more facial hair, Phoenix Wright, or Will Wright? Yeah, what a badass.
  11. Katamari Damacy theme. Meaning, the tune to the "na na na na na" song. My cell isn't that great--if it was better, I'd put up a version of the song with the vocals.
  12. Oh my, Link isn't sluggish anymore! Yay! I'm looking forward to playing as him.
  13. NAMCO character? Ok, KING OF ALL COSMOS in Brawl.
  14. You know, #13 could be Mach Rider, since a song and a trophy were in Melee.
  15. View the image of a character series icon (e.g. the tiny Sonic head in the most recent update), and you'll see a file name like world_b_XX.gif, where XX is the series number listed in G-T's post. So Sonic is #20, since the icon file name is http://www.smashbros.com/en_us/images/icon/world_b_20.gif.
  16. So I guess it's time for Megaman now.
  17. zomg, Stardust Speedway, from Sonic CD...
  18. Obligatory WHERE IS CAPTAIN FALCON post. I'd be more interested in hearing what Snake has to say about the Captain.
  19. I might be mistaken, but I believe the term originated (like pretty much everything on the internet) as a typo when someone meant to type "GAY." The more you know...
  20. Oh...so that's what that is. I read the first chapter of the manga--maybe I'll give the anime a shot.
  21. I can't think of any really good recent anime other than Honey and Clover II and Death Note, so a super robot show as good as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is definitely near the top of my "best of 2007" list.
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