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  1. FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC! Absolutly awsome! TERRIFIC! wOw....Zomfg! comments from my many friends that enjoy a good zelda beat. You definatly have an awsome mix to play at one of those "gamers annonymus" parties
  2. Fantastic indeed. However, not one of my favorites I must say. Ive been a fan of final fantasy revisions from this site since I learned of its exsistance. Personally, the freewheel and jazz style doesnt catch my ear. Im sorry. However, its an over-all good remix
  3. Absolutly great! Talk about a twist from outta no where. VERY CREATIVE! I love it! Makes me.....thirsty
  4. Ya know, this game has some awsome tracks to it given its 8-bit MID file formats. Still pretty awsome however. Ive even found some decent revisions already on vgmusic.com But what about some in a good mp3 format? Tracks mainly that ide like to see are the following Stage 2 - Volcano :: Rock or Techno Stage 5 - Cave Road :: Slow Tempo or deeper beat Stage 6 - Glacier Path :: Techno (best suited) Stage 8 - Dark Path Boss :: Metal or House/Techno Four of the best sounding tracks available at the time for this game. Blaster Master...in its time, also had some good tracks. Now listen to em now? Also, if you want a more general feel for these tracks, try this link http://www.nesplay.com/play/Dragon_Spirit_-_The_New_Legend.html You can even play it if you want LMMFAO~!~ Give it a whirl
  5. Do you have any idea how LONG ive been waiting for some good ole dynamite headdy remixes? ITS BEEN SINCE I FIRST found out about OC remix. Nice project link Ive been lookin for a good "revision studio" to do a bit of my own remixes to this game along with a few other Classics I support you and your demand
  6. Can i just say.....AWSOME?~ Yea, i forgot sixto....my fault. I didnt pay much attention. Sorry. LMMFAO I still jam out to this tune every now and then when im killin off some noobs in WoW....sad yes?
  7. Its been a long time since ive seen anyone want to pick up this NES classic. Ide like to see the GBC version of this game's tracks be revised or tossed in the mixers blender. Ide like to see drakesword take on this particular project using his favorite style. How about....remixing the Ice Caves, or maybe Seto's Pyramid? All simple format, Just need a twist of a good mixer.
  8. Ive yet to see some approved remixes from the judges for Quest 64. Recently my desktop took a huge *Beep* and i lost all my old creations...and alot of old remixes that arent even on the sites list anymore. So, Im stuck starting from scratch. Any news on that Quest 64 Battle theme your working on? Ide like to galavant that if you wouldnt mind.
  9. Sounds pretty decent. The techno intro gave it a good kick. I love the synths that were placed into this mix. Pretty much over all, its something that i would listen to over and over while playing this game. I own the Mega Man X collection along with the annaversary collection. I give it an all out 10 out of 10!!
  10. Very intresting. The combinations I like. Although there is a few repeats to it. Over all, its not that bad. 7 out of 10
  11. Darke never stops amazing me with his remixes. The mix of the 3 stages gives it a kick and a surprise twist. If you pay close attention, you can catch the break and twist up of the themes. Now, if you want my personal opinion...(which im sure these forums are for) this track has "Ownage" written all over it. Most Dj's would actually envy darke if he were to play this live! (if that were truely possible) Giving him a 10 out of 10! Mosh It Up Darke!
  12. Once again...Metroid receives its well deserved attention. Yes, this track does stray from the origional. But think about it this way, REMIXING is about expressing how you would prefeer the track to sound...in a sense. Personally, I love it! Cabbage definatly out did himself/herself on this one. 10 out of 10! Rock on!
  13. Ive yet to see some quest 64 remixes that actually sound good. The sister site vg music has some low quality remixes and similar revisions, but nothing could compare to an actual MP3 of the tracks from this game. Im in the middle of playing this game again after a 4 year time span from owning a 64. I too am working on something in the MID format for this game. But to no avail, my pc has done gone to the pits. "Reason" has conflicts with my sound card and the file formatting becomes corrupt every time i save it to my hard drive. Title: Quest 64 Theme: Brannoch Nights Gnere: Metal Remix Title: Brannoch Mosh Once i can actually get reason to save it to mid, i will convert it and send it forth to Pretz and the judges and lets hope they will find it suitable to be posted for everyones enjoyment.
  14. Not a bad remix. Ive been in-active on these forums for so long...that ive missed tormenting the mixers and pestering Dj Pretz. But this remix is soothing and mellow. Not a bad tune to chill to after a extremely long night at wal-mart. Makes a hell of a bed time tune if ya catch my drift. 8 out of 10 for this tune.
  15. I noticed my last request got removed from forums. So i thaught i would have another go at this. Any Gnere, any style, and anyone can take on this project. The specifics of this request are simple. Shamwood Palace, Battle Theme, Larapool, Isle of Skye, and any other specific tracks that anyone wishes to take on. The game is still available for purchase these days. Getting .mid files shouldnt be a hassle. Email me back if your up for the challenge of this old school nintendo 64 game. I garuntee that it would be a descent revision project as well. IF it carries on that far.
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