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  1. OMFG! This remix has split my face open on multiple occasions. The only complaint I can offer is that it is indeed too short. I always wish that he had at least finished the key change (or whatever it is, I'm not a musicologist) part of the song. Why is your "just playing around" song one of your best? It's my favorite "Chaos Temple" rendition I've ever heard, too. On the other hand, if this song was any longer, I don't think I'd be able to live through it.
  2. Unless the .jpg quality is THAT BAD, the first word would appear to be "Careful", not "Caution".
  3. Rob, just so you don't feel like an odd man out here, I'm also not a big fan of FFMDJ's works. I don't think I have kept any of his older songs, and the only two songs of his that I have considered as keepers and are still on my hard drive or CC TimeScars and FF4 Ground Up. I do consider both of these to be fairly good, though. Otherwise, I just can't get into his music. That's just me.
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