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  1. I've listened to Nobuo's music for over a decade. I'm in it to win it, for sure.
  2. As the previous person said, there really is no way to switch back to IE6. While you like the system, it was necessary for Microsoft to make everyone move to IE7 for security purposes. If you'd like to have that IE feel, Firefox can have as many (or as few) features as you'd like, and you can skin it to look like Microsoft made it. That might un-confuse your Grandma. I haven't used Opera, but I hear that it's really good, and is the first web browser to fulfill these new standards that I can't remember (something about ACID?)...
  3. Hey everyone, I just got my hoodie in the mail yesterday and I wanted to warn people that they run small. I am 5'10" and not stocky by any means. I ordered an XL and that's a perfect fit. I wear, on average, all medium t-shirts. So feel free to use that as a reference when ordering your size. Happy supporting OCR!