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  1. I hate to bump a topic and ask a somewhat unrelated question, but here goes. What are the chances we can have updated torrents for albums with the new tagging system? Recently I put some of the albums on my PS3 and the newer ones have all the songs in the correct order, however albums like Voices of the Lifestream had a messed up order. Not to mention a few of the torrents don't even come with an mp3 option. Also why do the way artists names are written differ on the album files and the corresponding OCRemix files? (Album shows artist as "Artist 1, Artist 2" but on the OCRemix file [if there
  2. Hi, My name is Jon. I've been following this site off and on for several years. Just look when I created my account! I finally came back after all these years and downloaded every single torrent in about a week's time. All 45 GB are now on my harddrive. It is a bit annoying how when I'm going through my winamp library, I have doubles of songs (Flac and MP3), but it's good to have both versions for multiple reasons. Reading through some of these intros, I'm noticing a lot of people are avid video gamers or musicians. Believe it or not, I'm neither! I just really like the music this site delive
  3. Would it be possible to create torrents for every hundred releases? A torrent for mixes 2501 to 2600 would be great, and follow this pattern.
  4. It's very rare to go to a song's review page and see someone saying they don't like that particular track. Why does everyone seem only give positive reviews? It can't be because all these songs are 100 A+ amazing. Hate to say it, but everything has a flaw, even these mixes. If you have an actual opinion, you should say it. If an artist sees that you didn't like something they did, that may help them to create a song that improves on that weakpoint.
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