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  1. Exactly, the boost gimmick is what keeps me attracted to this game so many years later. I just hope someone is interested in remixing this, preferably all 6 tracks, sorta like Project Choas.
  2. I am a little surprised that the original outrun game got remixes but outrun 2019 never got any. I mean hell, not even youtube has anything. So here I am making a request. I would like to see tracks 3, and 4 remixes. Named "Steal into the night" And "Relight my fire." I may sound a little weird, as I'm asking for a remix, but not entirely a remix, more like a modern facelift. What they might sound like had they been created with todays tech, rather than what they had in the genesis era. Steal into the night: this I could see being rather well done in in more of a techno feel. Have a little fun with it, but I'd like it to feel closeer to the original than a whole new song. Relight my fire. This one feels like it would be better suited to a more real instrumental theme, I can't quite place the 'main' instruments and what they were trying to emulate, be it more brass, or string. Again I'd like it if it was kept close to home, not straying far from the original. Sorry if this feels totally useless for guidance.
  3. I am still hoping someone remixes this again I've found a few of wizball but the only ocremix is ok, just needs the drums removed and it would be awesome. x.x DnB remixes...rarely ever done right.
  4. You are simply amazing thank you so much for all those titles. You rock. I still want a remix of the 'remix' xD take something awesome make it perfect lol.
  5. Wow...thats amazing it's exactly like platypus..thats almost scary, could I get youtube links to the title tune, levels 2, 3, and 4 this is amazing
  6. Well I am requesting someone , just about anyone to remix this awesome track. Do what you can I know ocremix to be awesome so I figured I'd post a link, and see if anyone will take on the challenge Link to the song http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U5CIJDYU
  7. Yea I asked the same thing its a mix of all the zones and I guess it's to complacated for some people. There waso ne I found on limewire ages ago but it was far from complete and only had 1 or 2 zones, it was from sonic 3 & knuckles. It's a real shame..a damned shame to be honest. I would loveto see sonic 1,2, and 3&knuckles mixed that would be simply epic, and a godsend. (so lnog as it's quality known so well on this site)
  8. Thanks, I remeber finding one on limewire it was kinda.. good but each levle sequance lasted like 2 mins and it was only mushroom hill and flying battery. Tis a shame though. I would also like to see 'water on the dancefloor' completed its STILL a WIP >.< Tis an epic remix of hydrocity.
  9. Yea and thats what I am requesting but no one does it.
  10. Yea I think alot of us are wondering why, they never did this with project chaos. Now not to bash on them but honestly they used a cop out and used the STH3 ending theme, for the umbteenth remix of that song. Let me remind you, I think they did a great job on the project chaos, some of the WIP's I'd love to see completed. Anyways I digress I would like to see a remix of the STH3+S&K ending credits not the STH3 credits. One tiny note. I've seen STH1&2 remixes for their ending credits, can anyone tell me why in the world no one wants to do STH3+S&K credits, it could not possably be that much harder, its about the same length and just shifting between the level tracks and mixed rather well. I honestly belive SOMEONE on this site that does high quality remixes could do a STH3+S&K ending credit remix. Please, anyone? I'd die to hear a completed verson of this song so many remixers here do such a great job.
  11. i know that project chaos covers every song in the game .. but one thing is lacking and i realy dont know why. if you look you see the ending is the sonic 3 ending not the sonic 3 and knuckles ending and i want to know if anyone has a file or song that is the remix of the sonic and knuckles ending, however though limewire i have found a semi partail remix of this covering only lava reef zone and mushroom hill then it cuts out andi cant find a longer or full virsion if anyone has the full virsion or a diffrent song please give me a link or download. thanks for your time and keep remixing