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  1. Just heard this for the first time today (I listen to the first 1500 locally, don't usually download the new tracks) and instantly fell in love with it. Excellent vocals, sweet bass line, and overall an excellent remix. Definitely added to my favorites list.
  2. Hey E-bison. Just a quick comment before I begin: when I came on these forums and read that there was an extended version of the song, I immediately went out a searched for it. The site I found it on is currently down (I think it was VGmix) but there's an alternate link at http://www.rpgamer.com/games/chrono/ct/sounds/mp3/TimeManagement(E-Bison).mp3 if anyone's interested. The intro is a bit more repetitive in the longer version, but overall the song is much enhanced by the added length. For instance, there's an entire electric guitar solo right after the second speaking segment ("Those who get things done and do them well know the right way, and that is time management") that was omitted for the OCRemix edition. The song itself is genius. It is without a doubt my #1 favorite track on the entire site. It takes the main melody and adds a personal spin on it without making it completely unrecognizeable. I really don't know exactly why I like it so much, but I end up playing it all the time because it's so awesome. 8 minutes of pure bliss. Basically, I agree with everything paperCrane said a few posts up, and then some. As with AboveTheDust, I too love the "dot matrix printer" effect, and the part that features nothing but that sound is actually one of my favorite segments of the song. Once again, great job, and awesome track. Truly a track that will be on my playlist for years to come.
  3. Grargh, I recognize that main monkey sound used extensively throughout the entire thing, but I can't think of the origin. Is it from Paper Mario? That's my best guess right now. Anyway, it's a good remix, although it does tend to stray from its main melody quite a bit. That's not a huge problem, but like others said, it gives off the feeling that it tried to cram too much into a small amount of time. Too many different styles within the same track. It's still a first class track though. I applaud you for your efforts.
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