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  1. Those quietly repeating few notes from the original melody are breathtaking. I agree with avaris: the nuance is what makes this mix wonderful. It's so melancholy and I love it so much! ;_;
  2. Hi Star, I'm a lurker and a big fan of yours for "Dreams Come True," "Pillar of Salt," "Tatsumakisenputronic," and especially "The Incredible Singing Robot." When I first heard Robo singing, it nearly brought tears to my eyes, and although I've listened to it a hundred times it still moves my heart. ;_; "Forever Until Tomorrow" is ineffably glorious. It distills and sharpens how I feel about "Memories of Green" and the sorrow of Chrono Trigger as a whole. You are amazing.
  3. I got to the OC Remix homepage and thought, "Another CC remix by Pixietricks? SWEET!" I think this is a lovely mix. It's different from how I am used to feeling about this song, although the theme is similar--being apart from the one you love. I find remixes with vocals so interesting, and here I love both the lyrics and Pixietricks's beautiful voice. Keep it up, please! I want to hear more from you!
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