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  1. Forget OCR. Go get yourself a copy of the Rocky soundtrack.
  2. I have an Apple Mighty Mouse. It looks nice. Its wireless through bluetooth, and its laser. Not sure on the dpi. It blows for gaming. No complaints though, it was a Christmas gift. Your right on with the razers, they look great. Ive heard about quality concerns though. I hope they get around to making a wireless one, that would def. be tight.
  3. Thanks for the Vista bootcamp ideas, but I think I'll hold off until Apple creates drivers to work with the MacBook Pro and bootcamp works entirely. As of right now, you have to delete a mini partion of 200 mb to make Vista compatible, but in doing so you can never remove the partion. I think I'll hold off for a least 3 months or 4 months before upgrading. I def agree with you on the fact if I was to buy a desktop, Id definitly go Windows unless its one of those mac minis. I dont really see the attraction with the hardware components built into the moniter. And for the money of the G5 or whatever it is now, is not worth it. As regards to drivers. I believe Mac uses OpenGL. The reason why performance is bad, from my understanding, is the lack of drivers like ATI Catalyst for Windows. Peace
  4. Orange Pylon, you sound just like me before I switched about August of 2006. My buddy got a Mac and I actually got into an argument with him about it, bringing up the samepoints you had. A big selling point for me was not the OS itself but the hardware (i.e. aluminum case for macbook pro compared to plastic on most laptops.) To solve the problems you mentioned, I dual boot XP for steam and other games. The reason why Macs have trouble with games is b/c they lack the drivers Windows has. I'm hoping this is fixed in Leopard, but I doubt it. They really have no excuse with the Intel processors now, do they. I am glad your enjoying Vista though, XP is too linear and bland. From your positive experiences, in the future, if bootcamp can handle Vista, I will probably consider deleting my partion and trying Vista. Happy computing
  5. http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/103453/vista-drm-cracked.html Just in, the DRM has been cracked but the exploit has not been released to the public yet. Probably the first in a series of exploits in the years to come. I find it amusing but only because I have a Mac. Microsoft should be pissed. You admit that that Vista is a shameless OSX knockoff. But you "prefer the 'real deal' over knockoffs" when it comes to applications. Why would'nt you apply the same principle with your OS?
  6. Its possible, but people are alreadying bitching about upgrading their specs just to run vista. Who honestly expects the average person to have 4 gigs in their computer within the next year or two years?
  7. Vista is an OSX knockoff with extra DRM. Great, just what I wanted, all my memory taken up monitoring my actions to make sure I'm not doing anything illegal. Shouldn’t all this memory be put to better use, to monitor things like personal information, ss#, credit card #s to make sure they are not obtained by a hacker etc. I dual boot and I'll stick with XP for my illegal endeavors. I will probably upgrade to Leopard when the final release comes available.
  8. Good choice with the Sennheisers. They make some of the best headphones. Real quality. Sony is junk, the quality just is not there. Seems like lately whatever they attempt (i.e. car audio) in terms of audio is not so hot.
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