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  1. I love all of protricity's mixes and this one doesn't fail either, I still can't say it's greater than cursed pirates of the sea (which is one of my most solid favorite mixes to ever come out of this site) but I do know it's going to grow on me. The guitars are quite grainy, but I think it fits in the theme of the original. I know this isn't a request forum but if protricity happens to read this would you think about doing either: "Still More Fighting" - ff7 or "The Dreadful Battle" - ff4 The first mix has been done before of course, but the 2nd would be pretty new ground no? The Dreadful Battle I've been dreaming of seeing ever since I first came upon OC remix like 2 years ago now? Anyhow, ignore most of that really, not trying to force anything, this is another great mix by Protricity.
  2. I have this original song in mp3 format on my hd right now. I like the original more =) "Fear is the Mind Killer..." from the BeneGesserit Litany against Fear, but I swear this saying can't just be from Dune, why would it have been in Rez to begin with, just a geek culture reference? I doubt it. I seriously think the Dune movie woulda been on level with the Matrix had it been made during the same time frame, but fat chance it's going to be remade now that Sci-Fi pretty much covered it (and yes, stayed truer to the book. Anyhow, I like it, and the sound bites are good quality and not just made scratchy to cover up for the fact they sucked to begin with (no idea what the technical term for that is). It doesn't have too much of cool parts of the original Rez mix IMO. What's in the box? Pain. too bad he didn't put in the line about the other would-be Kwizach Hadderaches (sp wrong im sure) that basically goes "what happened to the others?"-"they tried"-"They tried and failed?"-"They tried and died." But that's just me being a total geek.
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