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  1. Update No.1 http://www.honeyandclover.net/newnew.mp3 Excuse sloppiness in some parts.
  2. Thank you for the comments. They're pretty much the only thing I play nowadays anyways. Doesn't hurt that the music is nice. That was my plan, good sir. I agree the harp sounds a bit out of place. Will try to fix that in the future.
  3. Title in the works. Trying to go for a cinematic feel, much like Syberia itself. This is only the first 1 minute and 10 seconds. Keeping it simple for the beginning. Brief solo cello, then some buildup, the main theme is stated vanilla once, then after a timpano roll, repeated with a slight variation of mine, track ends. Planning to play around with the theme after that (a more sad minor version of the theme as the middle of the piece), and then a return at the end. You may have to turn your speakers up. Link Here Enjoy (or not?) =D _______________________ Update #1 - http://www.honeyandclover.net/newnew.mp3 _______________________ _______________________ Update No #2 _______________________ -> 3:16 minutes -> We're now into the middle portion where a secondary theme from Syberia appears. (it's one of the themes during travelling) http://www.honeyandclover.net/update2.mp3 _______________________ Update No #3 _______________________ Some more ideas, return to main theme, now in D minor: http://www.honeyandclover.net/updateno3.mp3 _______________________ Update No #4 (complete arrangemtn version 1) _______________________ Well, here's what I got in terms of a finished arrangement: http://www.honeyandclover.net/updateno4.mp3 _______________________ Update No #5 (is it about ready?) _______________________ Well? http://www.honeyandclover.net/updateno5.mp3
  4. I've had experience with both GPO and EWQLSO, I would say that of the two low cost products there, GPO (only 1 version) and EWQLSO Silver, I think you get a better deal with GPO. EWQLSO Silver is inconsistent, some of the samples are really great but some are not that great, whereas GPO is consistent across the board, and also includes a lot more then the barebones EWQLSO silver. Anyways, on a low budget I reccomend GPO.
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