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  1. Ummm....I kind of get the feeling that the whole thing is just a joke......
  2. Excellent idea. I think I have to revisit the soundtrack...maybe I'll participate if I find something that hasn't been picked...But I listened to your sample and I think my style is completely different. But, I'll be following....
  3. That's the opposite of what most people do here. The "remixes" on this site are basically original arrangements and material based off of themes from video games and such. To me, it's the same as writing an original piece except now instead of thinking of new ideas to start with, you already know what you're going to be building on and what you're working with. If you try to emulate the original versions, it probably won't get accepted. By using samples of chorus and chanting. There are free soundfonts of chorus singing and such but if you want to get expensive there's sample libraries like Symphonic Choirs where you can actually build words out of different syllables, sounds quite realistic.
  4. I use Cubase because that's what was at my school's digital music program and my teacher gave me his extra copy, so why not? I've tried out other sequencers but Cubase always seemed more accessible and easier to grasp.
  5. Some heavy butchering, that's what. To be honest there was a noticeable drop in quality to get it under 6mb, but I fixed the quality a bit better in the months since I submitted it (ha) so I'll try to send them a replacement.
  6. It looks like the mix was accepted, or at least it appears under "To be Posted".
  7. Keep in mind I have very little clue about this sort of technical stuff. I have an M-Audio 88es keyboard. On the back, there is a slot for keyboard and a slot for volume. I have two sustain pedals. The second sustain pedal appears to work when I put it in the "volume' slot. When I don't press it, the sound is silent and when I do press it, I can hear the keyboard again. I have no idea if that's how the "volume slot" is supposed to work. But since it's apparently sending some data, is there any way to set it up in Cubase so that that I could use that to trigger the CC for soft pedal instead and get a sort of piano setup with two pedals going?
  8. I would like to do it, but if you didn't like Russel Cox's version, which I just listened to based on Chickenlwarlord's post there, then I doubt anything I do would entice you.
  9. I was actually looking forward to this since now that it's summer I'd have time to finally enter one of these, but as it goes, that concept leaves me completely blank, so I guess it's next time for me yet again....
  10. There'd probably be more people signing up (like me) if you used one of the online battling programs out there. Just because it's a lot easier.
  11. I like the theme, I've never been around these part before, but I think I'll enter for the fun of it.
  12. Maybe I'm expecting too much, but the samples for the QS8.2 sound a bit cheesy to me..
  13. A lot of them have keyswitches. For instance, Best Service Essential Strings, you just select "Full Bass" or "Full Violas", and then there are a few keys way down at C0-C7, that don't play a note, rather they trigger a change in the samples being used. So you have legato, press one of the keyswitches and then you get stacatto. Of course, it takes a lot of ram. I don't know if sequencers make much of a difference. I've tried libraries with keyswitches in different programs and they worked the same.....
  14. I wonder if anyone knows any games with oriental-influenced melodies/themes (and I don't mean the cheesy kind, playing random pentatonic keys) but with a nice flavour, style. Preferable something dramatic, with strong melody. I'm thinking of doing a piano solo based on this kind of a theme.
  15. Practice, and nothing more than that. It's easier for people who started playing when they were 3 and gradually made their way to more difficult pieces over a span of years and years. Me, I took lessons and then skipped up to take a level 8 exam within an year. The downside is that my sight-reading didn't come as naturally, so I had to really work on it. It's all about practice. Practice reading random notes of the stave. Practice reading a piece focused on reading each note right and ignoring the tempo. Go from simple to more difficult pieces gradually. There are even some programs that can help you with this. Music theory allowed me to make the music I wanted more quickly, but the actual music wasn't that different. The only difference was that before I knew theory, I made music based on whatever sounded good, trial and error. Now that I know theory, I can already guess what will work and what work. The creative aspect didn't really change. Knowing your music theory does help with playing by ear, yeah. Recognizing chords, cadences, etc.
  16. Oddly, I noticed this amusing similarity as I read the title of this topic. I thought "funny, but that can't be what this thread will be about".
  17. Where could I hear some of them music from the game?
  18. With my name spelled wrong, too.
  19. Actually the wine testing thing was what was preventing me from wanting to come. So, if that's not on the "schedule" then put me in the "maybe" pile.
  20. Why stop there? P.S. I assumed by not saying I was coming that meant I wasn't coming, but depends on if the final plans are to go whatever wine testing thing you were talking about.
  21. Cool, a meetup that's actually done where I live. Now I can read a meetup thread and actually understand all the references.
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