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  1. Thanks for the write-up, but yeah, I was referring to the crackles during the timpani roll, the clip is part of a larger song and the beginning and ending noises don't appear when it's in the song. I just did a quick cut of it to show the clip. Thanks for the effort though. The thing is, if I reduce the volume and render it , the crackling isn't there, but I have a louder timpani roll later in the piece and yet there is never any clipping there at all. Is there any reason why that could happen? Yes, it's samples, not a recording.
  2. No, the crackling should be during the timpani roll. Do you really not hear anything? I can hear them both on my sony headphones and on my logitech speakers, though it's less audible on the speakers. But if no one else hears any problem....
  3. I have this file, listening to it again I realized there was about 2 seconds worth of small crackling audible at a certain point. Very few people would notice it, especially since the entire track is six minutes. But, my question is, is it possible to be able to remove that small instance of crackling without causing harm to the track itself, or without redoing it. (Keeping in mind I am not a master when it comes to production and mastering)
  4. I can't speak for what this would get as a submission, nor can I say anything about the level of arrangement. But, I enjoyed it a lot.
  5. Does anyone hear any crackles or anything like that?
  6. I think I've reached the limit of my ability: _______________________ Update No #5 (is it about ready?) _______________________ Well? http://www.honeyandclover.net/updateno5.mp3
  7. Good job with the Debussy. I love playing that suite.
  8. I'm not exactly a seasoned remixer but I occasionally look in here. However the fun in rearranging game tunes is partly the familiarity with the tune and the game itself. I don't find it very interesting to just work on themes from games I've never heard of. Maybe though, some people have looked in here and have been reminded of games they've forgotten about, or something along those lines.
  9. Well, here's what I got in terms of a finished arrangement: http://www.honeyandclover.net/updateno4.mp3
  10. Yeah, I haven't really done anything on that end because it's in progress but that will definitely be cut down when I'm done. I've always been a bit hazy with the production side of the things. I suppose it's something I'll really have to try and work on if it's a notable issue.
  11. So is there a lack of orchestral fans here or is my piece just bad?
  12. Some more ideas, but I wimped out and decided I would work on the climax of the piece next time: http://www.honeyandclover.net/updateno3.mp3
  13. I bought it only a few months ago. And already, something has gone wrong with it. It's an M-Audio Keystation 88es. And now, middle C and the D right beside it seem to have forgotten what velocity-sensitive means. No matter how softly I press them the result is the same, a note blasted at maximum velocity. If I record into my track there are a bunch of spikes in velocity whenever I hit the C or the D. And forget playing any music on it - unless I choose pieces in which you never hit middle C or D. It is not a problem with USB or connectivity, it does this with the MIDI output as well. It is definitely a problem with the keyboard. Every other key is fine. It used to happen only half the time when pressing them, not it happens all the time. Any ideas?
  14. As I recall the vocal clips were all just wav files included in the games folders. So all you have to do is a trip to the Elder Scrolls official forums, where most people probably have Morrowind installed, and then ask some nice soul to dig through their Morrowind files to provide you with some voice clips.
  15. How do you guys (with admin status) feel about name changes for forum users?
  16. Nope...just happen to have similar names/initials. Incidentally this is the second time someone has said that to me. Perhaps I should have used a different name...
  17. I went from onboard audio to a M-Audio 24/96. I noticed some improvement but generally my upgrade in terms of computer specs caused a much bigger change. But it was worth it for the reduced latency. I didn't realize how much that affected how I worked.
  18. I like the arpeggios on the synth. I thought the organ sounded a bit odd in the mix though.
  19. I'm not usually into this genre but I have to say that there are some great ideas and a nice sense of direction in this one. Good luck!
  20. Me taking a break from orchestral and my remix with some more simple music. Waves
  21. Chickenwarlord, you don't need to write a disclaimer before writing criticism, that's why I post it here. But when you say "background parts are off" from 2:30 onwards, do you mean they are off in terms of tempo?
  22. Yes sir! _______________________ Update No #2 _______________________ -> 3:16 minutes -> We're now into the middle portion where a secondary theme from Syberia appears. (it's one of the themes during travelling) -> Change of key to A-Minor, change of time to 4/4 http://www.honeyandclover.net/update2.mp3
  23. Naruto is probably half and half, when Shakuhachi and male chants are used it's played live (or some . However there are many tracks, using pads or synths and they are most likely sequenced. Other anime with lower budgets are usually sequenced. The classic anime films like those from Ghibli Studios were played by orchestras mostly. Here is a clip of Eminence orchestra playing a tune from Princess Mononoke: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdBYxiHjxwI Certain games with higher budgets, I think Gothic 3 was done by a live orchestra. But even games like Oblivion and Morrowind were sequenced.
  24. Do you mean the fast flute runs at the end there? Yeah, those sound a bit akward don't they.
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