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  1. So, no one's used the EMU 0404 with Vista or with a USB keyboard?
  2. Also, my keyboard uses USB to interface. Would the setup be Keyboard to Laptop to Emu 0404 out? How effective is this?
  3. I paid 300 for a used M-Audio Prokeys88. Awesome sounds and great feel. Definetely recommended.
  4. Can I use the Emu 0404 USB 2.0 with my Vista laptop? Zzounds says that the "limited edition" white model comes with vista support, but will I be able to find that?
  5. Hello everyone. I am Andrew and am a third year theory student at Madonna University. I play guitar and I sing, but I want to further my skills as a pianist. I play several times a week on baby grands at my school, and a few times a week on my kimbell upright at home when family sleeping conditions permit. I want to get a keyboard for my room so I can play at any time and also hook it to my computer and mix and lastly use it in my band (we are without a keyboard now that our keyboardist decided to go to egypt. Key "velocity" sensitivity is a must, weighted keys is a need, and an ext
  6. Second Above poster. The "strength" of a cadence actually refers to dynamics, stress, and things of that nature. Sometimes the strongest cadence is a short one, like in Beethoven's fifth (arguably long) If I play V7 - I with the soprano resolving up (leading tone) to the tonic with the bass landing on the tonic I can increase or decrease the strength of it by playing it again, using a "cadential extension" by playing the bass note again or playing a scale and repeating the cadence, holding the I chord longer than the V7, trilling the top note, using suspensions, etc... The first thing you
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