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  1. I absolutely love it! I've already listened to it well over a dozen times at work over the last two days. This one's right up my alley, particularly once it really hits it's grove at 2:08, this ones going on the Ipod! Thanks for sharing this with everyone!
  2. Sounds great! I still have the source song on my ipod, it was my favorite song on the GB Castlevania. You've done an excellent job modernizing it.
  3. Hey, quick composition question here. I'm still a considerable noob when it comes to composition. In my attempts to become more fluent with midi composition I have been trying to recreate some of my favorite video game songs, with little variation from the original. I will put the piece in the background and figure out everything by ear, which generally ends up sounding pretty good (by my standards), however when i take the original peice out of the background & let my work stand on its own I find that the drum parts are occasionally getting out of sync with the melody I have recreated. The whole song in general doesn't seem to match up with the grid and since I have no clue what the original time signature and tempo were I have yet to be able to figure out how to sync the grid up with it. Quantizing doesn't seem to be my answer as the melody that I'm listening to generally isn't on the exact same grid either. What is the best way to easily sync a custom drum beat. There are some elastic audio options that perhaps may be the key... though it seems i may have to export the drum beat and reimport it as an audio file in order to use the 'rhythmic' elastic audio on it. I am using Protools LE 8 as a DAW. (let me know if i just used the word DAW wrong ) I did find that i could mathematically figure out exactly where the notes belonged using the melody as a point of reference, but this process was very time consuming, though I am willing to accept that as well. It there an easier way about this all, do i need to take the more difficult route? Or should I not focus on having it perfect, but just maintaining the illusion by tweaking it to make sure it sounds right?
  4. I play under the username Derceto. Feel free to friend me, been playing since the beta, over 900 wins. I'm happy to play with any of you, regardless of skill, I'm much more concerned about playing with cool people who are nothing like the 80% of the LoL community that are douchebags than I am with winning. If you're the type that rags on team mates when they have a bad game don't bother. And I play anything AP, though my best are probably as follows Anivia Janna Heimerdinger Cassiopeia though I also play a mean: Ap Cho, Ap Kogmaw, Ap Gragas, Karthus, Orianna and Tankrawka
  5. Looks like I can get the Komplete 7 package on amazon for 500 instead of 560, I will have to wait a week, but it's probably worth the wait, especially since I can support OCremix by so doing. So i think I'll do that. Thanks all.
  6. Hey! Thanks again for all the helpful replies! I am running Pro Tools LE. I did download the free 1 GB Komplete package and that seems to run just fine within my DAW, and I'm already really enjoying the sound so far. I figured that there was a lot of cool free stuff on the internet, but I think its probably worth the money to me to save all of the time that i would have to invest to find it. Its Time I would rather spend working on music.
  7. Yeah I could buy the full 560$ instrument, that's just quite a bit more expensive than the 60$ version and i just paid a big down payment on a house with the need to furnish the home, I admit i'm a little cautious about big purchases, but it is important to hear that its worth the extra price-tag. Being unfamiliar with the area of purchasing of VSTs if I'm going to drop 500 bones I want to make sure its worth it, so your recommendation was helpful. You're tempting me! I think I'm leaning toward the complete package now. The computer shouldn't be a problem I'm running a nice gaming computer with plenty of resources. And I'm not so naive as to think that buying better sounding instruments will somehow transform my music. I'm working on the learning aspect too, but i think upgrading my instruments will help that along, if nothing else it will provide more motivation and a deepened commitment to it. Thanks for the feedback gentlemen, please feel free to provide more, especially knowing that I think I can stomach the higher price tag. I'd like to be able to buy it and download it tonight as I'm off work tomorrow, so please let me know anything I should know sooner than later. Thanks again
  8. Hey guys, I am looking for a good general instrument as well as a good synth. I should preface this by letting you know my experience. I've taken 3 midi classes at college & have been playing around with Midi for the last couple years so i know my way around, but i'm still no where near the level of most OCremix composers. I haven't spent a lot of time around the OCremix community, or any real composing community for that matter so I remain fairly naive when it comes to VSTs and other hardware and software specific items related to midi I have been using the default Xpand2 (and a bit of work with Kontact and Absynth in my blass) that came with my DAW so I imagine it shouldn't be hard to please me . In any event i'm not opposed to shelling out a little bit of cash for a good solid instrument or two that i can begin to work with that will sound higher quality. Also let me know if theres a way to buy this from a site that will benefit me or OCremix more than buying straight from Native Instruments. Thank You
  9. Man i have been absolutely hooked on this song. Always loved the Oath to Order from Majoras, though your remix took a little time to grow on me. Tonight i found myself continually repeating your track as i was playing some games with music in the background, i absolutely love the sound, thanks for hanging in there with it so that we could all enjoy the final product!
  10. Ah thanks for that definition, i think i'll spend some time trying to figure out how to use clicktracks right now, and thanks for all the helpful comments everyone, feel free to keep them coming (as well as any constructive criticism), if you can think of anything that might help me. Thanks much
  11. ok here we go, sorry for the delay i wanted to post something for you to listen to, i know this isnt the WIP thread, but im not really prepping this for a submission (or i wouldn't be so conservative with it) but i'm new to pro tools (with only a small amount of cubase experience before that) and i wanted to better learn the program. Anyways i'm sure you'll hear parts where the timing is off and i hope this can help you better help me. Source: I have also appreciated all the excellent replies so far- to respond to a few of you, I am currently using the onboard drivers so their is a little delay, but when i was using cubase i still seemed to have the same problem despite the fact that i remember changing from the default drivers to the ASIO4All drivers every time i would play (which did make a huge difference in latency and i should definately install those drivers because i did notice a huge difference) The metronome and Quantization will help a lot i think i'll try those more, Could you please explain how to use a click track and what they do for you? Anyways keep in mind im a total noob thanks for the help all! The bass line after :56 i didn't bother spending enough time to sync that up by ear because i had just recently added that.
  12. (I'm currently using Protools 8 i tell you this because im a noob and the more specific the advice the better) My biggest problem seems to be timing, probably because i have an good natural ear for music tones so its easy for me to play what i hear or what i hear in my mind. (I'm also using a midi controller/keyboard to input the data) So anyways I'll be working out this Melody that sounds great and then later I'll go to put in a drum beat or something and things just never seem to sync up (probably because i havent been making sure that my notes all line up perfectly on the down and upbeats). I suppose i shouldn't expect them to sync up without work on my part, but my biggest question is what is the typical way to address this issue? Do i need to manually move each note to the precise location one by one in a painstaking process in order to get that perfect timing im looking for? What do all of you do to make your pieces turn out so smooth and well orchestrated? And on a similar note what order is it best to compose/put together a piece in, because to me it seems like it would flow most naturally if you do the melody first, however experience has shown me that my rhythm goes in an out of sync when i do this. Does anyone build a melody after laying down a foundation of the rhythm and drums? because it seems like that would make it easier to stay in sync with it?
  13. Hey! I'm new to the forums here and new to the composing/remixing aspect of music, but i have a great interest to get started and try it out. Anyways I'm mostly interested in what electric keyboards you might recommend, certainly more of a starter keyboard is what i have in mind at this point, something in the 100-500$ range would be great. Also what programs and or other equipment would you recommend and why? Much appreciated.
  14. Hey! I'm also new to the site, Names Justin, 21 yrs old, having grown up playing games like Mega Man 3 and Bionic Commando i have always had a passion for video game music, years ago i stumbled upon a Scott Peeples, Castlevania : Wicked Orchestra OC remix and loved it, the years have passed and today i found this site and put the pieces together, for the past several months i've actually been thinking about trying out some work with some composing and remixing, trying it out to see if i like it, but i'm very excited to get started. Hopefully i'll be able to benefit your community here.
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