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  1. So, no one's used the EMU 0404 with Vista or with a USB keyboard?
  2. Also, my keyboard uses USB to interface. Would the setup be Keyboard to Laptop to Emu 0404 out? How effective is this?
  3. I paid 300 for a used M-Audio Prokeys88. Awesome sounds and great feel. Definetely recommended.
  4. Can I use the Emu 0404 USB 2.0 with my Vista laptop? Zzounds says that the "limited edition" white model comes with vista support, but will I be able to find that?
  5. Hello everyone. I am Andrew and am a third year theory student at Madonna University. I play guitar and I sing, but I want to further my skills as a pianist. I play several times a week on baby grands at my school, and a few times a week on my kimbell upright at home when family sleeping conditions permit. I want to get a keyboard for my room so I can play at any time and also hook it to my computer and mix and lastly use it in my band (we are without a keyboard now that our keyboardist decided to go to egypt. Key "velocity" sensitivity is a must, weighted keys is a need, and an extensive sound bank is negligable, or whatever word fits there. Also, the more keys the better. I would use minimal features on stage, just piano with pedal and probably a few synth organs and gunshots, and at home I would most likely only practice in my room with piano and pulse synth or something. uhh... budget is minimal... 0-almost nothing is how much I have, but I am willing to spend under 500 if it is a must. (used keyboards are ok... right?) What I gather is that I do NOT want a midi controller because it wouldn't have speakers or an easy way for me to just turn it on and start practicing, plus I would be limited on stage. Also, what's more useful, a midi out or a USB out? Thank you for your help. I hope that we can decide on a good keyboard and you guys can start hearing my music (Also, any program suggestions would be nice)
  6. Second Above poster. The "strength" of a cadence actually refers to dynamics, stress, and things of that nature. Sometimes the strongest cadence is a short one, like in Beethoven's fifth (arguably long) If I play V7 - I with the soprano resolving up (leading tone) to the tonic with the bass landing on the tonic I can increase or decrease the strength of it by playing it again, using a "cadential extension" by playing the bass note again or playing a scale and repeating the cadence, holding the I chord longer than the V7, trilling the top note, using suspensions, etc... The first thing you should figure out in song design is what kind of cadence you want to end in, which in my writing changes like my underwear. If you are playing a sad song, you won't want to end on a PAC unless you are trying to be positive. You might choose a half cadence like many pop songs, I-V or anything to V, which is considerably strong anyway due to its nature of makeing you feel like the song pushed you off a cliff without a parachute. Then after deciding what type of cadence you want, then you choose the strength. The chord progression and the dynamics and speed of the song BEFORE the cadence play just as much of a part in strength as the actual cadence itself. Final point for me, if the song is fast and loud at fff, then a piano to forte V-I with a long of stress on the I won't be very powerful, but in a slow mf song, the same cadence would be strong.
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