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  1. of course, in that case, it doens't make any sense to play ep2 if you didn't play the 1, there are so many important links. But about Bloodbane, I really had no problem at all, cause I remember I had found some bitchy technique that made the whole game really too easy, even on hard mode. I even remember I let the fight last on purpose because I wanted to get all the voices, lol For Legend of Legaia, I don't know, I never played it. then wait till you fight Omega Weapon Mk XII, even with Bubble, and Protect, and whatever, 2 (sometimes 3) hits normal attack = dead
  2. lol, results reflect my vote, except that I chose Prophet of Mephisto for the 3rd place, but I precised that Reuben Kee + Nicole Adams & Sir Nuts would deserve too this 3rd place. I guess that's the 5 Zircon is talking about. Anyway, congrats to each one of the remixers for their efforts ! Btw Zircon, have there been more votes than for VOCR, or...?
  3. lol, same here ! If you're talking about Shin Megami Tensei, yup, I still need to follow the advice of some good friends and play them. But as I just recently finished 100% Final Fantasy XII and Valkyrie Profile 2, I'm a bit fed up with RPG for a moment... lol, if level 7 is the one with robot spiders, then I understand ; if it isn't, then you haven't seen the worst. But it's funny that you mentionned that game, because actually, put aside what I said in my last post, I must confess that the fight with Iseria Queen on Universe Mode (need at least lv220 if you hope to stand a chance) was the most stressful battle I ever had, even if it lasted "only" 1 hour or so, you ended up every 2 minutes with suddenly one char dead, two stoned, and the remaining one with 1'000 or 2'000 HP. And with the battle system of the Star Ocean series and the incredible speed of Iseria Queen, you find yourself asking, hmmm, what is the right choice now....?
  4. Just wanted to say that I appreciated, for each of the different aspects, the two posts from Zircon. That said, to react to what some of you said about the "fancy graphic equalizer", it was just an exemple, I didn't mean to draw up a detailed "to do" list, cause, I won't tell more, but I can assure you that (well, I don't know precisely the level of experience of each judge) 99,9% of people have really no idea how anally technical some persons can go in the audio world... Now, it's nice to see that already 4 of you are ok with the base idea, so what do we wait ? Create that thread ! Of course if you could sticky it and lock it, so that only judges can modify it (I mean put their infos when they have the time), t'would be perfect
  5. Just wanted to know if Zircon was sending back (or not) a PM of confirmation for a vote (as Pixie did it with VOCR), so that we're sure our PM has been received.
  6. which doesn't necessarily tell a lot I mean, you could compose a certain style, because it is in that style that most of your ideas express themselves, but you could particularly appreciate another genre too, listen a lot to it, know a lot about it, but your remixes will never tell it. Well, as it seems you are ok with the idea, it would be nice if you could convince the judges to create a little thread with such infos Sorry, it's true I wasn't very clear. I was more talking in a technical way ; for exemple, with what are you listening to the songs (Loudspeakers, Headphones ? and which ones ?) ? Do you listen to the song with winamp and that's it, while doing something else, or being very attentive and doing nothing else ? Do you use a detailed graphic frequency analyser (not winamp, I mean something a little bit professional) to have a better idea of the work behind the song, at the same time you're listening to it ? Well, that kind of things... I could say more, but... let's stay here for the moment.
  7. Sorry if I post this in the wrong place, but didn't find any topic related to the question I have. 1) Is there a place where there is an accurate personal description of each of the judges (so we know which musical styles they prefer, what they do in real life, what gear do they have, etc). I don't mean to be too intrusive ; I just think it's normal for the public to know by who they are judged. 2) How do the judges monitor (listen to) the songs they get ? Thanks for the answers.
  8. Pixie, if I may ask a question : what gear did you use in recording (and mixing) your voice ?
  9. argh ! would be nice if they could finish it before the end of the voting, cause my #1 and #2 are firmly set, but for #3, I wouldn't like to dismiss them on a wrong basis, cause I am hesitating with 2 other songs..... but in the actual state of things, I'm not sure it's allright to validate them as well...
  10. Don't have the courage to go through all the 14 pages, so maybe it has been asked before, but is it normal that the Nicole Adams & Sir Nuts remix ends after only 1:36 ??! sounds like it has been cut, which would be a pity, cause it's very good.
  11. oh, could you already read 9 years ago ? lol, sorry, twas easy, but honestly I don't understand people like you or puub or Bahamuth, letting a mark of your visit for such "useful" purposes. There are tons of topics here, and on other forums all over Internet, on which I too could write my opinions, letting the world know what my very important person thinks about such or such matter, but it consumes time, and so I have choices to make. What I mean is, even if you used only 10 seconds of your time to write this comment, don't you think there would have been another activity on which these 10 seconds could have been better used, something that could have had a bigger impact, be it on your life or someone else's ? Please, don't take it personally, anyone can use it to take a moment to think about what he really wants to do with his life ; we all need focus (and it's an everyday training) if we want to accomplish anything ; negative non-constructive comments are the fruit of dispersion.
  12. only a matter of patience, levels, and fury/aura settings which is a bit boring, like many of the optional bosses you can find in RPG these last years... basicaly consisting in A : get the best weapons. B : level up to the max C : pwn... even if it takes an hour to, you don't even risk to lose (only recent exception being Valkyrie Profile 2, and globally the Tales series) What a challenge compared to old games like Estopolis 2 when we didn't have Internet and we didn't understand anything else that the katakanas. To answer the topic, personally, the last boss of SaGa Frontier 2 is really a f***ing joke, I can't remember how many times I tried before succeeding. And globally, the last bosses of all the Romancing Saga episodes are incredibly hard.
  13. So far, my favourite remix heard on Overclocked, tied with Zebesian Midnight from Vigilante (different styles, so can't make a choice) I love trance, and furthermore, I love the original track too, and of all the trance remixes I've heard here, this song has the best build-up ; the synth line progressively releasing the low-cut filter starting at 2:44 is so good !!!!!!!!! Of course, we can criticize the "microsoft thunder" sample, or the volume of the rain. Of course, global sound quality is not perfect, but it's good enough for me to not care about it. The structure is very well organised, and there are enough layers to feel immersed. In the end, melody is the greatest force, otherwise how would have we been able to appreciate and remember more than 15 years later songs like the ones in Journey to Silius, Castlevania 1, or Captain Tsubasa 3 with such rotten sounds ? In my opinion, perfect sound quality has always only been an added bonus. Go on GLL, hope to hear new remixes from you soon !
  14. I know, I know, but last time I checked it, it wasn't translated in other languages, so now more people can enjoy, and it's never wrong to abuse of good things, even when they are old ^^ btw, if you can find again the longer list, please post it.
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