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  1. Yup, it´s a great title. And since we don´t have any musical talent either, we can only hope for the good of mankind...
  2. My brother is shooting his second amateur B-movie this summer! It´s called RADIOACTIVE CANNIBAL VIKINGS FROM HELL It´s going to be a 30 minutes splatter/comedy with apocalyptic street gangs, fake blood, bad acting, and of course radioactive vikings. Now he needs YOUR help! In his last 30 minutes masterpiece, the hilarious splatter/horror film ZOMBIE MAYHEM, my brother used background tunes composed by various friends. I´m begging those of you with recording equipment if you could please lend him some music. It don´t matter if it´s finished demos or 20 minutes of random rehersals and noise, we
  3. Symphonic rock forever! This is a serious, pompous and pretentious piece... and that´s not a bad thing. Actually, it´s a VERY good thing! Square RPG music makes excellent material for progressive remixes, and this is one of the best I´ve heared. Extra plus for lyrics, they make this tune stand out even more.
  4. Being a fan of ELP, this one´s perfect for me! I´ve always considered Final Fantasy soundtracks to be symphonic rock.You translate Uematsu´s melody to progressive style very faithfully. It´s not hard to imagine Keith Emmerson behind the keyboards...
  5. Wow, this is extremly cool! I dig both Kraftwerk and Hubbard, and the way you put them together is nice. I especially like your true-to-the-rolemodel singing, very classy! How come there are so many game music/unexpected music genre remixers from Sweden? (You, Game Over, Neskvartetten) I´m not a fan of Swedish contemporary music, but this makes me so proud... And happy!
  6. I thought I should just let you know that Game Overs first demo was indeed recorded with programmed drums. Their new demo is recorded with live drums, and of course it sounds great! Hyrule´s Angel, found on this site, is a taste of what´s on their latest, "Nesperado". To comment on Little Mac´s Confession, it´s certainly an immortal classic that defines the "Nintendo Metal" genre... Too good to be true.
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