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  1. Goddammit, you guys should come to A-Kon. >:
  2. Thanks so much for the quick reply. Do you have any recommendations for me, as far as software goes?
  3. So, I've had the desire to remix music and compose music of my own for a long time...but the only thing that's been stopping me is the fact that I do not have access to any kind of MIDI input device (no keyboard, no nothing), and I probably never will. Please don't tell me to go out and buy one, it's not that simple. I was just wondering if there is any software that lets me select instruments, and draw in the notes...like VOCALOID does. Is there any way around my lack of a keyboard?
  4. Snaps. Legend of Dragoon isn't on the list. You know how hard I would have jumped on that. ...in that case, I'd have to say Kingdom Hearts II. Edit: Eek. Delayed response.
  5. The Legend of Dragoon may not have what you're looking for, but the soundtrack is quite inspiring.
  6. I'll give that a try, then. Thank you both~ =]
  7. I've already given it as much consideration as I can, but the fact is that I don't have the technology, nor the money for the technology, to remix on my own. I have a lot of pride, and I would have much preferred to do these myself. But I can't. It's as simple as that. That wound is already salty, please don't rub it. Not to mention, bumping up the thread with a comment rather than the word 'bump' doesn't constitute 'giving up' in my mind. No, I haven't given up, and I don't plan to give up. This game deserves a lot more credit than it has gotten in the past, and if nothing else I've at least accomplished the tiny feat of sharing it with others.
  8. Yes. There has been another Legend of Dragoon thread...but I have my own requests that I'd like to shed a little more light on-- The original tracks can be found here at Blue Laguna: http://bluelaguna.net/music/lodost/mp3s.php. First and foremost, I'd love to hear a relaxing and powerful remix of "Royal Castle". I've heard people take a messy electronic/techno approach to this song, and I can't agree that such a style takes advantage of the great potential this song has. I also love the sound of Lloyd's Theme, Grassy Plains, Whispering of the Trees, Forbidden Land, Dead City, and the Ending...and I don't have much of a preference of style with any of these. Not to mention, a mix of all four "Last Battle" themes in one might be interesting. You know, one song at a time but with a nice transition into the next? This is quite a fun game, if you have the time for the four-disc adventure. Thank you for your time.
  9. *raspberries* >: Someone needs to get cracking on a Legend of Dragoon project. I would...if I could remix to save my life. But I can't.
  10. Oh Heavens above. This is such torture on my little heart...! I can't listen to the new mix on this machine; I think I'm going to burst. And I still can't get over my hopes for a "Royal Castle" mix-- my lack of technical skills be damned. I'm still sticking with my thought of either a single instrument, or an entire orchestra performing the piece, though I'm obviously open to hearing anything at all. Much love and support to you all~ <3
  11. I lack the technical skills for a decent remix, so I'll stick to promoting the cause and supplying fan-art. It's all I'm good at. :'3 "Royal Castle" and "Ghost Ship"...? Wow; I'd never given that any thought at all. I was wanting "Royal Castle" all on its lonesome...you know, as an orchestral piece or something for a single instrument. Oh Heavens. Can you imagine how it would sound on an armonica? You know the one, that instrument Benjamin Franklin invented? I get chills just thinking about it.
  12. >: "Black Water" was the whole reason I wanted the soundtrack. After I obtained it, all of the other fantastic songs jumped out at me...but "Black Water" was the only one in the movie that stuck as I watched it. Aside from "One-Winged Angel", of course. I know I'm being so cliche...but I thought they did a nice job with it. :'3
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