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  1. I request a 2 minute 30 second call duration approximately 25 minutes into the show.
  2. Hurricane or is it typhoon in that pic, Larry causes distortions in time. Well that explains some things and bings up more questions as well.
  3. Seems he must be keeping TV station hours and its still the previous day till 5-6 am in the morning.
  4. Mmm.. Still no one has managed to make their show last 100 episodes. Oh well. Yeah an April 1st show as a final blowout would be good if it came true.
  5. I have been informed that due to the changes that have taken place at www.ocremix.org that Larry is splitting his show into two separate but done side by side shows. The VG Frequency you know and love will still exsist, but a new smaller show will be done afterwards called EA Frequency. This new show will feature the remixes on this site and the soundtracks from various EA games. Requests will still be ignored.
  6. Ah, good. I was just surprised to see that those 2 were taken down with nothing to take its place.
  7. Well there goes my ever increasing share ratio for the 46-47 torrent. Now when is the 44.99-49 torrent comming out?
  8. oh well I guess I'll have to catch you on AIM to get the shows.
  9. mmm... as of 8:50PM EDT stream is still down.
  10. Oh well, I guess this will give me more time to finish my new bumper.
  11. Just cut out the vocals and place them over the real song to get the fowl jive excretion mix.
  12. Larry rapping after show was the highlight of the night. unfortunatly I didn't get the whole after show.
  13. Well I got it recorded without the extra IM sound effects, though it was recorded in mono. But its good to see someone is at least posting it.
  14. Whew, got everything fixed just in time I see. Been gone like a month due to hardware problems.
  15. Everything about the file identification now says Links Awakening. But the fact remains that this is a Link to the Past mix. I suppose if you wanted you could say its a mix from any of the games that actually have this tune in it which Link's Awakening does not. So I've changed everything in the file to show the correct information. In OCR format of course.
  16. I could give out my low quality version out possibly.
  17. It seems that was the thing crapped out. So nope didn't get any of the "good" stuff.
  18. My personal recording of the video crapped out once again at the 79 minute mark. Oviously the program is flawed.
  19. I made a video recording. but unfortunatly something went wacko and its only like the first half of the show or so. And it has a few unusual requirements to watch it anyway.
  20. You have some way of recording it yet? Video and all?
  21. Well yeah download managers don't like https but if you just drop the final s it works fine.
  22. 4 hours and 40 minutes! Man thats long. Plus there was an after show call that I recorded that won't be on Larry's release. Hopfully it turned out ok and so somthing can be done with it.
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