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  1. The stream is acting stupid again
  2. Wrong black people. Larry is on after them tonight.
  3. Size has little to do with it actually. But you knew that, unless you forgot about it. In which case you just found out about it... again. *cough*
  4. Your attacks against Larry are pointed in the wrong direction at the moment.
  5. This is a great mix, but the amount of clipping really makes me wonder how it even made it onto the site.
  6. thats lovely. Bah, now I have to listen to chatterbox! Timber I hope your happy with yourself.
  7. I'm callin in Well I could anyway.
  8. Bah, I was going to post that the show was up for download but noooo, I noticed somthing that needs to be fixed quickly but I don't have the time right now. So I'll fix up that little problem after work. See ya in 6 hours.
  9. Well. Good news. I should have an MP3 up for download of the show late tomorow morning (its not quite midnight here yet). Bad news. My mom came in and interupted me and the stream just happened to kill at this time and I missed 2 and a half minutes at the end of the show, so I have the song fading out early and fadeing in on talking about how you should be in bed. Yes I will still release show 1 once I finish it up.
  10. Its taking MUCH longer than expected to fix up the show for distrobution. not to mention an accident where I was forced to start from the begining again when I was 3/4 done already.
  11. I may release a copy of my archive of the show once I get it fixed up tomorow afternoon.
  12. I've had the video on my hard drive since it was posted at vgmix and I have watched it at least once a week. Never thought it would get posted here and now I also know what game it is remixed from.
  13. The second one is easy to medium difficulty, unlike the first one. Not to mention the second one is also the most fun boss I have ever played against.
  14. As I can't think of any others right now I'll have to say Biolizard inside the Ark as well. Outside is a whole nother story
  15. Quite possibly the BEST slow remix ever. Wait a minute!!!! Its listed under Final Fantasy 6, but in DJP's comments its listed under Final Fantasy 3. So which is it?
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